Computer Glasses: Should I wear computer glasses?


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What glasses should I wear when on the computer? Glasses for computer usage can be split into two categories. Intermediate viewing computer glasses or blue light blocking glasses. So this depends on your requirements for prescription or not.

Corrective glasses for intermediate and near screen-work can use various lens types to help you see objects at around arm’s distance. Tasks such as using a computer can be aided with single vision, varifocal lenses (sometimes called occupational lenses) depending on your prescriptive needs. What defines these as computer glasses may be that you want to have a pair of glasses purely for computer use at an intermediate focal distance.



The other category of computer glasses is better defined as a protective lens coating. Known as blue light blocking glasses, this additional coating can be applied to prescriptive and non-prescriptive lenses using our tailored lens menu.

How do I protect my eyes from computer screen? For intensive computer work, anti blue light glasses can protect your eyes from damaging high-energy-visible light (HEV). This particular frequency of light is emitted from digital screens. To read more about the affect of artificial light on your eyes Wired magazine have a interesting article here.



Do Computer eyeglasses have prescription?

The answer is either. If you require computer glasses without prescription lens coatings can help reduce glare from the computer. Also if you already have prescription computer glasses we can apply an anti-glare/blue light protective coating also.

HEV (blue light) is an increasing concern for younger generations due to increased exposure to digital screens. Eye conditions such as presbyopia can be prematurely induced as a result of extended screen usage with digital devices.

Over time, the muscles used to contract your optic lens begins to weaken, whilst the lens itself begins to stiffen. Blue light blocking glasses are a good way to slow this damage down.

Computer Glasses Blue light protection can be added to any type of lens you choose whether it’s prescriptive or not. For frequent computer use, plain blue light filter glasses are just as viable, even without prescriptive power. Between your phone, tablet, laptop and TV, those hours of exposure really do add up. This can lead to blue light eye strain.




Hopefully, we’ve helped make sense of computer glasses for you. For the marginal extra cost, we recommend blue light lenses it to anyone who regularly uses any type of digital screen. Living in this screen-filled digital era, this is a lens coating we highly recommend.


For such an important item, we suggest that you choose a well-made glasses frame built to last. Whether you need a prescriptive lens or not, we handmade a collection of contemporary computer glasses online for men and women, here in the UK. Looking where to buy computer glasses? All of our glasses frames have a choice of computer options: single vision, varifocal or just blue light protection.


Computer Glasses FAQs



Are computer glasses the same as reading glasses

Computer glasses are better suited for intermediately distanced objects such as your computer screen. Reading glasses are strictly suited for close reading and aren’t recommended for computer use.




How computer glasses work

Single vision computer glasses have a singular focal power which can correct blurry vision and bad posture whilst using a computer screen. Occupational lenses such as progressive varifocal lenses are offer multifocal correction for close reading, screen work and distance viewing all in one lens.




Which computer glasses are best

We recommend a pair of computer glasses that will last you a long time. If you regularly use a computer, a well-made pair of contemporary computer glasses are indistinguishable from regular glasses; a good way to protect your eyes from HEV light.




Why are computer glasses yellow

Blue light blocking glasses can sometimes have a yellow tint on the surface of the lens. This colouration is designed to create greater contrast on computer screens whilst filtering our harsh frequencies of light. These light frequencies are referred to as HEV, high-energy-visible light and are emitted from the screens of many digital devices.