Best sunglasses for a big head

Best sunglasses for a big head

What sunglasses look best on big heads?

The best looking sunglasses for big heads typically have lens widths wider than 60mm and temples longer than 145mm. These enlarged aspects give greater comfort, style and potentially even better sun protection.

With that in mind, this handy guide is to help you find the perfect sunglasses frame for you.

If you're unsure what to look for when searching for a large pair sunglasses check out the following 9 tips.


Close view of large sunglasses dimensions printed on acetate temple tip

#1 Frame size

Just like clothes or footwear, sunglasses follow a standard sizing system. If you look closely, most sunglasses show their dimensions on the interior of the frame, usually printed or etched on the temples (arms.) Always measured in mm, they’ll look like this;

63 □ 18 145

  • 63 = lens width
  • 18 = bridge width
  • 145 = temple length

The best sunglasses for a big head will tend to have a large lens width of 55mm or more and a temple length of 145mm or more.



Front view of white male wearing round wire frame sunglasses

#2 Lens width

63 □ 18 145

A general indicator of sunglasses size is the width of one of their lenses. Naturally, the wider their lens width, the bigger the frame will likely be.

Large-fit sunglasses can have lens widths of 50 mm or more, depending on their frame shape. Round shape frames won’t be quite so wide compared to boxy ones, but this is merely a style thing.

To avoid that undersized goofy look, proper lens width ensures better aesthetics and sufficient lens coverage for your eyes.

Frames which are too narrow look silly and make your head seem even bigger. They also allow more ‘light leak’ from the sides, causing sunlight to bounce backwards into your eyes. Not fun.

To alleviate bounce back, you might consider investing in rear surface anti-glare lens coatings.

Conclusion: the best sunglasses for a big head have wider lenses which reach to the outer edges of your face, past your eyes to provide sufficient lens coverage from the sun.



Close view of large sunglasses frame with wide bridge width

#3 Bridge width

63 □ 18 145

The second set of three frame digits denote the bridge width of your sunglasses; the distance between the lenses where your nose locates.

Adult bridges vary between 16 to 24 mm depending on your gender, age and ethnicity. Sunglasses manufacturers (like us) tend to make adult frames with a bridge around 18 mm or so.

But here's the twist.

You can have a wide nose, but still need a narrow bridge. And vice vera.

Because your sunglasses sit on the upper maxilla and nasal bones surrounding your nose, these features determine your ideal bridge size.

For the best results, you can compare your existing bridge size with any prospective new sunglasses. This way you’ll have an good idea of what frame-size you’ll need.

A difference of a few mm isn’t a big deal, but avoid overly narrow or overly wide bridges so the frame rests properly on your nose.

Conclusion: the best sunglasses for a wide bridge let the frame rest properly on your nose without pinching or sitting high on your face. Instead, the frame will rest securely without slipping down or resting on your cheeks.



A wire sunglasses temple arm with tortoise acetate temple tip

#4 Temple length

63 □ 18 145

Temple length is always the last set of digits in the sizing series.

But watch out, some brands don’t label their frames with this dimension.

Because sunglasses are more of a ‘one size fits all’ sort of frame, manufacturers tend to standardise temple lengths. These can vary between 130 to 150 mm long (depending on their size) and often aren't stated on the frame.

Adult temple lengths beyond 145 mm is considered as large-fit. So if you have a big head, you’ll likely need at least a 145 mm temple length or longer.

Why does temple length matter?

Temples which are too short end up ‘perching’ on top of your ears and pull the frame closer into your face. This often causes the frame to tilt forwards on your head which is uncomfortable and lets more sunlight in from above.

For the best results, compare your existing temple length with any prospective new sunglasses.

Bonus tip: If you struggle to find sunglasses with long enough temples, you might want to have them adjusted so the 'hook' is straighter which helps extend their overall length.

Alternatively, you may have noticed that sports sunglasses like Oakley sometimes have straight temple arms. This is usually because the frame front has a strong curvature which creates a more grippy fit on your head - thus alleviating the need for 'hooked' temples.


Dual illustration of sunglasses with correct and incorrect temple lengths



#5 Your face shape

What face shape do you have?

You'll probably fall into one of two categories; square or round.

Dual image comparison of two men with square and round face shapes

Large square heads tend to suit soft sunglasses shapes such as the classic Aviator, Wayfarer or even those 50's round styles. With a wide jaw line and sharp facial features, ovalized frames with round corners create a nice balance to your face.

Large round heads suit more angular geometric shaped sunglasses. If you have gentle facial features and soft cheeks, aggressive lines and sharp corners will contrast your face and bring nice definition.

If you're somewhere in the middle, that's totally fine. Just make sure you find a frame that you're comfortable wearing in terms of fit and look.

The main thing to remember is contrast.

Round head, square frame.

Square head, round frame. 



Front view of white male wearing round wire frame sunglasses

#6 The narrowing effect

If you’re conscious of having a wide head, here’s a handy style hack.

To create a narrowing effect on your face, avoid sunglasses with thick chunky temples (arms) on the sides.

Sunglasses with thick ‘paddle’ sides tend to draw attention to the widest regions of your head. This gives the impression of width, which you’ll probably want to avoid.

Subsequently, the best sunglasses for a round/wide head should have a thin temple and a dominant frame-front. This handy trick creates greater contrast on your face rather than the sides.

Large sunglasses with a thin temple give the illusion of a smaller head.

If you have a long face or a receding hairline, tall sunglasses frames like Aviators are also great way to visually ‘shorten’ your face.



Blonde haired man presenting a pair of grey sunglasses to the viewer

#7 Materials and colour

Depending on your dress-style, you’ve got a wide variety of colour choice when finding the best sunglasses for a big head.

Ultimately, this is a fashion decision so you’re best sticking to a colour of sunglasses frame that you’ll feel comfortable wearing out and about in the sun.

This might seem obvious, but the biggest aesthetic advantage of sunglasses is the large dark lenses. They give you much wider scope in terms of frame colour becuase the majority of the contrast is created by the lenses.

If you have a loud and vibrant style, this is your chance to experiment with outlandish colour combinations. Those big dark lenses will forgive the most outlandish sunglasses frames.

However, if colourful sunglasses just aren’t your thing, a neutral or transparent sunglasses frame is probably the safest bet for harmonising with your wardrobe.



Aerial view of aviator sunglasses being handmade on white workbench

#8 Frame quality

Invest wisely and high-quality sunglasses should last you for years. Long term, this prevents seasonal sunglasses searches, trying to find frames that "fit just like your last pair".

This approach is better for the environment, for your wallet and saves you a load of time and energy too. Plus, cheap sunglasses tend to break easily and tend to provide poor optical performance.

Things to look for;

  • Solid metal hinges
  • UV40 or UV400 ratings
  • CE or UKCA markings
  • Customer support
  • Repairs service
  • Warranty

Comparison image showing the difference between polarised and non polarised sunglasses whilst driving

#9 Polarised vs non-polarised lenses

Regardless of your head-size, good quality sun lenses are vital for visual comfort.

There's so many options available, with conflicting information about which lenses are the best.

But, what’s the difference between polarised and non polarised sunglasses?

Well, like any legitimate sun lenses, non polarised lenses provide 100% UV protection. (The most crucial aspect of your sunglasses.)

But polarised sunglasses contain an inbuilt filter sandwiched within the construction of their lenses. This filter is called a polariser and blocks reflected glare from flat shiny surfaces such as nearby water, cars, roads or buildings. For you, this means consistent, silky smooth vision in all kinds of sunlight.

If you happen to spend long durations near/on water, polarised lenses are a great option to elevate your visual experience. Not only are they a superior type of lens, but they help reduce eye strain after lengthy days in the sun.


10 Best sunglasses for a big head

Best Wayfarer sunglasses for a big head

Three quarter view of large RayBan Havana sunglasses frame

Ray-Ban 4420

Inspired by their '50s flagship Wayfarer design, the RayBan 4420 sunglasses is perfectly suited for individuals with a larger head size. Made from acetate, this full rim frame exhibits a sophisticated Havana colour for a warm, earthy vibe.

The sunglasses have a generous lens width of 65mm and a lens height of 47mm, ensuring a comprehensive coverage that fits comfortably on a larger face. The bridge measures at 18mm while the temple length stands at 145mm, contributing to a comfortable and secure fit.

Fitted with brown gradient lenses, these Wayfarers provide a smooth viewing experience while effectively blocking harmful UV rays.



Banton Frameworks Linea A Graphite Grey

These sunglasses are a standout choice for those with a larger fit need or a big head. Handmade from high-quality acetate, this understated frame boasts a full rim design with a classic aesthetic, easily complementing a wide array of personal styles. The square frame shape caters particularly well to those with rounder face shapes, helping to add structure and balance.

With a lens width of 53mm and a bridge size of 21mm, these shades offer a comfortable and generous fit. Available with grey, brown, or green lens options, you can also add your prescription. Furthermore, there's the option for polarised lenses which provides enhanced glare reduction, perfect for sunny days or driving.



Three quarter view of Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses frame

Ray-Ban Justin

The Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses are a fantastic choice for those who need a larger fit. These Wayfarer-esque are a black rubber full-rim frame, which apart from being stylish, offers great comfort and durability. The rounded-rectangular design gives them a contemporary look, ensuring that they're not just functional, but also fashionable.

With a frame of 55mm lens width, 16mm bridge size, and a temple length of 145mm, these sunglasses provide ample coverage, fitting perfectly on a larger head. The grey gradient polar lenses are not only polarised to reduce glare and eye strain, but also provide excellent UV protection.



Three quarter view of Garrett Leight Troubadour sunglasses frame

Garrett Leight Troubadour

For the fashion conscious, the Garrett Leight Troubadour sunglasses are a stylish step-away from the mainstream market, especially if you're looking for a larger fit. The frame, in a striking Shiny 'Kodiak Tortoise' is made from high-quality acetate, ensuring both durability and lightweight comfort. These full-rim sunglasses boast a classic rounded-square shape that is universally flattering for any sort of facial structure.

A slightly smaller entry to this list, the lens width and height are 52mm and 40mm respectively, which still provide ample coverage and protection. The bridge size is 21mm, providing a comfortable fit across the nose. Furthermore, the temples have a length of 140mm, ensuring a snug fit around the ear. The grey lenses not only offer a sophisticated aesthetic but also deliver excellent clarity and UV protection.

If you're in the market for medium to large fit sunglasses, the Garrett Leight Troubadour is a standout choice.



Three quarter view of the Ray-Ban Boyfriend sunglasses frame

Ray-Ban Boyfriend

The Ray-Ban Boyfriend is a stylish option for individuals with a larger facial structure. These sunglasses sport a bold, full-rim square frame that's as durable as it is fashionable. The frame colour is a sophisticated blend of black on brown, offering a versatile look that can effortlessly transition from casual settings to more formal occasions.

The lenses are a beautiful brown gradient dark brown, providing excellent clarity and reducing glare, although they are non-polarized. With a generous lens width of 60mm, bridge size of 15mm, and temple length of 145mm, this model provides a comfortable, large fit that's ideal for those with a bigger head.



Best combi sunglasses for a big head

Three quarter view of Ray-Ban Clubmaster Oversized sunglasses frame

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Oversized

If you're looking a large-fit combination style sunglasses frame, there's only one option - the RayBan Clubmaster Oversized edition. Also known as browline sunglasses, these '50s inspired shades combine a wire-rim construction with an acetate brow and temples.

Fitted with glare-diminishing green tinted lenses, they offer great definition, UV protection and visual comfort in a variety of light conditions. The lens width is 57mm, providing ample coverage, and the bridge size is 16mm, offering a comfortable fit.

In this oversized version, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster maintains a balanced and proportionate look, making them a versatile accessory for any occasion.



Best Aviator sunglasses for a big head

Three quarter view of Ray-Ban Outdoorsman sunglasses frame

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II RB 3029 181

Sibling to the classic Aviator frame, the Ray-Ban Outdoorsman is a large-fit sunglasses frame with its utility design rooted in animal hunting. What differentiates this frame from the original Aviator is the stylish acetate brow-bar. (Originally made from leather, this feature acted as a mini sweat-band to prevent perspiration interfering with your focus whilst hunting.)

The Outdoorsman offers a substantial lens size of 62mm and a bridge size of 14mm, making it well-suited for those with a larger facial structure. The temple length of 140mm ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The lenses are a classic G16 (green) colour which provide excellent protection and clarity in varying sunlight. The perfect frame for those with a larger head seeking a lightweight sunglasses style.



Three quarter view of thick black Aviator sunglasses frame

Persol 3328S 95/S3

Hailing from the Italian heritage brand Persol are these boisterously thick full-rimmed Aviator sunglasses. Sculpted from stealth black acetate, these large-fit frames have a more rectangular lens shapes than your typical Aviators shades which flatters round, soft face shapes.

Featuring a generous 55mm lens width and a 47mm lens height, the 3328S provides ample facial coverage. With a 19mm bridge size and a 145mm temple length, they're ideal if you need a larger bridge width. The gradient blue lenses are non-polarized, balancing light transmission and reducing glare for optimised visibility.



Best sporty sunglasses for a big head

Side view of the Oakley Holbrook XL sunglasses frame

Oakley Holbrook XL

Originally intended for alpine sports such as skiing, hiking and trail running, the team at Oakley have taken the original Holbrook design and made it big-head-friendly. The Holbrook XL sunglasses are a full-rim frame in polished black O'Matter (their proprietary nylon material) and fitted with  Prizm Black lenses for colour and contrast enhancement.

The Holbrook XL boasts a 59mm lens width (larger than the standard fit) to accommodate larger head sizes. The bridge size is 18mm, providing comfortable support, and the temple length extends to 137mm, ensuring a secure fit. (Be sure to select the right Prizm lenses depending on your sporting application.)



Three quarter view of Oakley Sylas sunglasses frame

Oakley Sylas

The Sylas sunglasses frame by Oakley are a medium to large-fit frame. Avialble in various colours, such as black, olive or root beer, these sporty shades have a full-rim construction. The Sylas' rectangular shape adds structure to those with soft facial features, jawlines and cheeks, complementing a variety of face shapes.

Instead of polarisation, Oakley's Prizm lenses amplifies colour and contrast thus enhancing your visual clarity. With a 57mm lens width, they offer extensive coverage against sunlight and glare. The bridge measures 17mm, ensuring comfortable wear, while the 142mm temple length provides a secure fit.



Big head sunglasses FAQ's

Caucasian male in large round sunglasses going up stairs

Are there sunglasses for big heads?

Yes, many of the large and reputable sunglasses brands offer large-fit variants of their most popular sunglasses frames. These typically offer lens widths of 64 mm (or more) which are suited towards big heads. However, large-fit versions are much less common than regular-fit sunglasses frames. For reference, refer to the chart further below.


What is the biggest size for sunglasses?

Adult sunglasses range from small to to extra large with lens widths varying between 45 mm to more than 60 mm. As a general guide, here is a size chart.

Sunglasses size

Lens width

Bridge width

Temple length


< 45 mm

< 14 mm

< 130 mm


45 mm – 50 mm

14 mm – 16 mm

130 mm – 140 mm


50 mm – 60 mm

16 mm – 20 mm

140 mm – 150 mm


> 60 mm

> 20 mm

> 150 mm


What glasses suit a big head?

Large rectangular shaped frames are typically the best suited shape for big heads. Due to their dominance on your face, they make your head appear smaller by visual contrast. Steer clear of undersized frames as they’ll usually emphasise your head size.


Do aviators look good on men?

Yes, large Aviator sunglasses look good on men, especially if you have lack a defined jawline or cheekbones. The linear browline (across the top of the frames) intersects your face which brings structure and definition to your appearance. Conversely, round aviators look good on men with strong jawlines and prominent cheekbones due to the rounded lower half of the tear-drop shaped lenses. This is why Aviators are such a popular sunglasses style for men.


How do I know if my glasses are too big?

You'll know if your glasses are too big if the frame slips down your nose or the temples protrude loosely from behind your ears. Glasses that fit properly stay in position by making contact with your nose and ears, instead of the rims resting on your cheeks.


Do sunglasses make a good gift?

Yes, absolutely. Sunglasses are an excellent gift for that person in your life who's always driving or regularly goes on outdoor excursions. Prescription or non-prescription, a good set of sunglasses would make an excellent birthday, Christmas or Father's Day gift.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other sunglasses blogs for more useful advice. Thanks for stopping by.