Best Men's Luxury Sunglasses for 2024

Sunglasses do more than just protect your eyes on sunny days - they're a key part of a man's style. High-end sunglasses, especially, make a statement since they are practical and can show off a sense of fashion and a taste for the finer things.

In this article, we'll look at some of the best sunglasses out there - from our own exclusive, limited edition collection to famous names, including Cazal, DITA, and Cutler & Gross.

If you prefer sleek metal frames or something bold, such as oversized or shield sunglasses, you'll find something that not only fits your face shape but also enhances your look.

The Allure of Luxury Sunglasses

Luxury sunglasses stand out for their quality and style. They're made from the finest materials and offer not just eye protection from UV rays but also durability that beats standard pairs.

The craftsmanship is top-notch, and designs often include unique features such as polarized lenses, ensuring optimal visual comfort. Whether you're into classic aviators, stylish round sunglasses, or bold oversized frames, each pair is crafted to provide maximum coverage while complementing your face shape.

Investing in a new pair of designer sunglasses means choosing to wear prestige every day. They're more than just sunglasses but a fashion statement that lasts.

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Our Limited Edition Collection: A Touch of Exclusivity

Now, our limited edition sunglasses are not just accessories but a statement of craftsmanship and unique design. Each pair is a creation of detail, from weight to shine, made to give you a blend of luxury and comfort.

We're talking about sunglasses that you won't find just anywhere, handmade with care and designed to be a cut above.


The AV-Ardon-Green is a powerhouse in design, tipping the scales at just 44 grams. Crafted for those who command a larger frame, these sunglasses come with a wide 55mm lens, perfect for anyone needing single-vision or multifocal lenses. Aviator sunglasses are a style which has stood the test of time, if you are look to invest in a pair of sunglasses which won't look out of place for many years to come this is the frame for you.

With a polished, hand-riveted finish and German-engineered hinges, these glasses promise to stay snug and comfortable all day. Moreover, the 18mm bridge and 145mm temples are sculpted for comfort, tucking behind your ears without a fuss.

Available directly from Glasgow, these frames are not just glasses - they're a piece of artisanal mastery waiting to be owned at just $478.

Linea C Arctic Grey

The Linea C Arctic Grey is for the man who looks for subtlety and class. These round sunglasses weigh only 36 grams and offer a medium to large fit with a 49mm lens width to accommodate any prescription.

They're made for the style-savvy, featuring an 8mm cellulose acetate front for that solid yet lightweight feel. Also, the sunglasses' silhouette provides a contemporary twist on a classic look, ensuring that you stand out.

Essentially, the 24mm bridge sits comfortably across the nose, while the 145mm temples make sure your glasses stay put. These frames are hand-polished to a glossy sheen and are a testament to luxury without being loud.

Like the previous pair, they're born in Glasgow and offer a rare kind of luxury - quiet, assured, and timeless at $478.

Linea G Tanzanite Blue

The Linea G Tanzanite Blue sunglasses are more than just a pair of shades - they're a nod to the confident man who knows his style.

At a light 36 grams, they promise comfort without compromise. These are not your average designer sunglasses. They are the best sunglasses for those who seek both elegance and practicality.

Furthermore, the generous 51mm lens width caters to a range of prescriptions, while the 23mm bridge ensures they sit just right. Sporting a sleek frame, they complement most face shapes, especially those with rounder features, offering a striking contrast.

Handcrafted in Glasgow, with anti-loosening hinges and a fold-flat case, these sunglasses mix tradition with modernity. They're not just about looking good but about offering eye protection with polarized lenses that protect you from the sun's glare and UV rays at $478.

Linea J Onyx Black Havana

Step out in the Linea J Onyx Black Havana sunglasses and feel the difference quality craftsmanship makes. Weighing 37 grams, they're designed to provide all-day comfort with a 53mm lens width that is prescription-ready for your convenience.

They boast a timeless oversized look that brings together both classic and modern touches, making them a versatile addition to any outfit. These sunglasses are more than an accessory - they're an investment in enduring style and eye protection.

Their square sunglasses silhouette suits a variety of face shapes, while the glossy hand-polished finish speaks volumes of the attention to detail that goes into each pair.

Made with care in Glasgow, these shades are a testament to the savvy shopper who values substance just as much as style - sunglasses crafted for the discerning gentleman at only $478.

Linea L Rosso Red

The Linea L Rosso Red sunglasses are a mix of bold style and precision engineering. At 37 grams, these glasses prove that luxury can be light on the ears and heavy on impact.

With a 54mm lens wide enough for any prescription, they're ready for the man who wants his look to be strong and his vision sharper. These aren't just men's sunglasses. They're a personal statement that says you're unafraid of a little color and a lot of quality.

Moreover, the oversized frame is hand-polished to a gloss that catches the light and turns heads. Fitted with anti-loosening German hinges, they're built for life's twists and turns.

Where design meets durability, these glasses offer full UV protection for your eyes without sacrificing an ounce of style. Essentially, these designer sunglasses are an exclusive find, a treasure for any collection, promising comfort, and a standout look at $478.

Featured Luxury Brands from Pretavoir

Dive into the world of sophisticated eyewear with Pretavoir's featured luxury brands. These are not just glasses but the epitome of style and luxury, a true testament to careful craftsmanship and timeless design.


When it comes to finding the best sunglasses that mix style with luxury, Cartier-CT0270S-003 stands out. Shiny silver and light blue lenses give these aviator sunglasses a fresh spin.

Unlike the traditional teardrop design, these sunglasses offer a contemporary look that flatters any face shape. Each pair reflects Cartier's dedication to craftsmanship, not just in the metal frame's clean lines but in the attention to detail that makes them a standout.

Though not polarized, the light blue lenses still offer protection against UV rays, making them a stylish choice for sunny days. They may not be your oversized sunglasses, but their unique design ensures they're an accessory that gets noticed.

Cartier CT0366S 001

For those who appreciate the classic feel of round sunglasses, Cartier presents the CT0366S 001. These sunglasses are crafted with a full rim and shiny black and silver frames, and they are the essence of Cartier's legendary elegance.

They may not be polarized sunglasses, but the grey lenses provide essential protection from UV rays. The sleek design makes them versatile for any occasion, ensuring that they're more than just men's sunglasses but a fashion statement.

Furthermore, these designer sunglasses are proof of Cartier's commitment to beauty, blending traditional appeal with modern craftsmanship. Whether you're out for a drive or stepping into the sun, they offer the perfect combination of function and luxury.

Dita Flight .006 7806 B

Meet the Dita Flight .006 7806 B – a pair of sunglasses that takes style to new heights. With a design inspired by fighter pilots' fearless spirit, these aren't just your regular men's sunglasses. They are a tribute to daring souls, reimagined for today's trailblazers.

Matte black and 14K gold come together in a full-rim rectangle frame that's as sturdy as it is stylish. The grey-to-clear gradient lenses aren't just there to protect your eyes from UV rays but also make a statement of sophistication.

Also, even though these lenses aren't polarized, they're designed to turn heads. If you're after stylish sunglasses that combine a touch of classic with contemporary cool, these Dita frames are among the best sunglasses out there.

Dita Epiluxury EPLX.8 DES 008 01

When you hear aviator sunglasses, think Dita Epiluxury EPLX.8 DES 008 01. This is where luxury meets a legendary silhouette. These polarized sunglasses are a cut above, plated in shiny palladium with navy blue for a look that's both classic and current.

The dark grey lenses with a silver mirror finish are about more than just looks. They're about performance, providing comfort and clarity by cutting out glare – perfect for driving or enjoying the great outdoors. 

Moreover, they're the kind of designer sunglasses that don't just complement an outfit but complete it. With handcrafted precision and a nod to timeless design, these Dita sunglasses prove that some things only get better with time – like fine wine or your favorite leather jacket.

Therefore, if you're on the hunt for the best sunglasses to match your style, these are the ones that will set the gold standard.

Cutler and Gross Sun 1337 02 Dark Turtle

In the world of premium sunglasses fashion, Cutler and Gross is a name that speaks volumes. Crafted with the kind of care you'd expect from high-end sunglasses brands, the 1337 02 Dark Turtle full-rim rectangle frames are all about that polished look without the weight.

The deep, rich Dark Turtle acetate frame holds brown lenses – and while they aren't polarized, they do a fine job of keeping those pesky UV rays at bay. It's the kind of luxury eyewear for men that doesn't scream for attention but instead whispers class.

Furthermore, the metal detailing isn't just a design choice - it adds strength, showing off the exclusive designer sunglasses' durability. This pair is for those who appreciate the blend of tradition and modernity, making them some of the best men's luxury sunglasses out there.

Cutler and Gross Sun 1386 01

If there ever were a pair that could be crowned the king of cool in the luxury eyewear for men's category, it would be the Cutler and Gross Sun 1386 01. With a nod to the '50s American acetate style, these square sunglasses carry a vintage vibe into the modern-day.

The black frame paired with brown gradient lenses with a light mirror isn't just for show – they're about making a statement. Although not polarized, the lenses are crafted to offer comfort and clarity.

What makes these glasses stand out in the world of men's sunglasses is the attention to the interior and exterior milling, which lends a bold look without adding bulk.

As part of a brand that's synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, this pair is a testament to Cutler and Gross's status as a top-notch player in the world of exclusive designer sunglasses.

Choosing Your Perfect Luxury Sunglasses

Selecting the right luxury sunglasses isn't just about the brand - it's a personal choice that hinges on your face shape, the style you want to project, and where you'll be sporting them.

Match Your Face Shape

The shape of your face is a big deal when hunting for sunglasses. Round faces shine with square or rectangular frames, while those with square faces should consider round or oval sunglasses. It's all about balance.

UV Protection and Quality Lenses

No matter how chic sunglasses are, they must protect your eyes. Always check for UV protection because style should also be safe. Also, don't skimp on lens quality - a clear view makes a big difference.

Comfort is Key

Even the fanciest sunglasses need to feel good. Lightweight frames that fit well will make sure that your stylish shades are also comfy to wear, from a beach day to an outdoor meeting.

For more options, feel free to take a peek at our Stylish Sunglasses for Men collection to find the pair that suits you best.

Final Thoughts

Luxury sunglasses are more than eye protection - they're a blend of style, function, and that special 'only you' vibe. They're an investment, sure to last and to elevate any look with an exclusive touch.

Ready to find your signature style? Head over to our sunglasses collection or  Pretavoir's online store to see the full selection of top-tier sunglasses. Or if you are keen to read more to help you choose the your next pair of sunglasses check out our other blogs on the topic.


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