Best Aviators for Men in 2024: Classic Style Meets Modern Flair

Aviator sunglasses offer an unmatched, classic look that complements many outfits. Even though these classic shades were designed to be worn under headgear, they found their way into men's fashion.

Also known as "pilot's glasses," aviators have plenty of history behind them. They were a staple of military pilots, and they can now be a distinguishing factor of your outfits too. Aviator sunglasses easily found their way into the commercial sector, being worn even by celebrities like Marlon Brando back in 1953's "The Wild One."

We're committed to offering men the perfect complement to their style. If you're interested in aviators, keep reading. This page features our favorite aviator models from our collection, as well as top-rated picks from Pretavoir, which specializes in a wide variety of sunglasses.

Discover the Enduring Appeal of Aviator Sunglasses

As mentioned previously, aviator sunglasses made their first appearance many decades ago and were first used by military personnel.

The first aviators were commissioned in 1935 by the U.S. military. They were made by American Optical, and they got the name "U.S. Army Air Corps D-1 Sunglasses."

American Optical has worked in sunglasses manufacturing since 1833, so it's no surprise that the military went to this company first.

The second design for aviators didn't make its appearance until 1941; six years later than the first. These were the "AN6531 Military Sunglasses."

What made the second design different is that it was produced in mass for both pilots and sailors (the first one was primarily for pilots).

Even though both designs are unique, the AN6531 featured the style we see today with teardrop-shaped lenses.

About the Design

Why did manufacturers focus on such large lenses? Simply put, they chose this design because pilots constantly look down at their instrument panels while flying.

At first, aviator sunglasses featured green lenses, although they added rose smoke color designs later to protect people's eyes from the sun.

As for the frame, aviators featured a nickel plate. It was made out of copper alloy so that it didn't affect compasses.

AN6531 sunglasses were manufactured by other companies besides American Optical, including:

  • Bausch & Lomb

  • Fischer Spring Co.

  • Wilson Optical

  • Rochester Optical

Why Are Aviator Sunglasses Still Popular?

Top Gun Aviators

Aviator sunglasses weren't made available to the general public until 1937 by Bausch & Lomb; just before WWII. However, they started getting popular after the war, when everything related to the military got its place in the fashion industry.

Something interesting to note is that these sunglasses made in 1937 were rebranded as "Ray-Ban Sunglasses," which is a name you may be familiar with.

Hollywood made aviators even more popular after celebrities started wearing them in films like "The Wild One (1953)" and "Top Gun (1986)."

Today, aviators are still kicking, and they feature a wider range of designs. Their timeless design and flattering shape make them a unique option that shouldn't be missing from your sunglasses collection.

Check Out Our Exclusive Collection of Men's Aviator Sunglasses

Banton Frameworks has worked hard to help men who are bored of mainstream eyewear. Your style should feel unique and fresh, and that's what our collection of stylish sunglasses for men is for.

We feature a wide range of aviator sunglasses that will fit most outfits and events. Check out our four favorites, and pick the one that feels better for you!

Linea AV Ardon Green

The AV Ardon Green is perfect if you're looking for wider frames. It features a lens width of 55mm, so there's more than enough space to fit your prescription, regardless of what it is.

Ardon Green Aviators also focus on your comfort by offering an 18mm bridge and relaxed 145mm temples. Not only are you getting a stylish and modern pair of aviators, but you're also buying sunglasses that will fit snugly all day long.

As with other products from our collection, you can get an anti-glare and anti-scratch coating, giving your aviators an extra grade of durability.

If you want to test the glasses, you can pick the "Lenses Later" option, which gives you a pair of demo lenses without the prescription.

Linea AV Fractus Mauve

Looking for something that blends in with your outfits seamlessly? The AV Fractus Mauve is the right one for you. It features a gloss, hand-polished finish that not many brands can replicate.

You get three different lenses to choose from: Gray, brown, and green. If you want to go for the "classic" route, the green lenses will be much better. However, if you're looking for modernity, the brown and gray ones will fit any style.

Our Fractus Mauve comes with anti-loosening German hinges, ensuring you don't have to worry about your sunglasses falling off your head. These prescription-ready sunglasses combine the best of the classic appeal of aviators with a smooth, modern touch that makes them irresistible.

Linea AV Onyx Black

The Linea AV Onyx Black is great if you're looking for a more subtle design that fits any outfit you have in mind. As you may already know, black sunglasses go with almost anything, and they look especially great with casual clothing.

As with other options on this list, the Onyx Black aviators come with different lens colors. We recommend the green ones, as they offer the ultimate aviator experience for those wanting the timeless classic look.

An added benefit of these aviators is that they also go with many face shapes and skin tones. Play around with the different options we have available, and you'll get to something unique that matches your personality.

Do you want to ensure these are the right fit? Consider our unlimited refitting service.

Linea AV Spiced Orange

Finally, we have the AV Spiced Orange sunglasses, which give your face a neat contrast thanks to the frame.

In this case, you get four lens options: Blue, brown, green, and gray. If you're interested in taking your outfit to the next level, the blue lenses will be perfect. Otherwise, you can play it safe with the other options, which also make the most out of such a unique frame.

Even though not everyone may be a fan of orange frames, these are subtle enough that they will give a powerful bonus to your outfit.

The Spiced Orange aviators are great if you want to keep the classic appeal of these sunglasses while giving them an excellent, modern spin. Remember, you can add anti-glare and anti-scratch coating to make your lenses more resistant.

Discover the Best-Selling Aviators from Pretavoir

Pretavoir was established in 2009 in Glasgow City. Besides being managed by a trained and experienced Optometrist, Pretavoir focuses on creating timeless and stylish designs for anyone.

If you're looking for more aviator options, check out the top men's sunglasses from this company.

Porsche Design 8478 D - Black Frame

The Porsche Design 8478 D sunglasses come with a special perk: They feature an interchangeable lens mechanism. Not only are these lightweight and comfortable enough for daily use, but they also come with two sets of lenses.

Pretavoir's "Dark Gray" and "Silver Mirrored" lenses are ideal for any outfit and occasion, which is perfect if you want to change things up from time to time.

The frame is made of lightweight titanium, making the sunglasses feel extremely comfortable. Furthermore, the lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, which guarantees 100% UV protection.

We love the 8478s because of their unique design. They still resemble the classic design of aviators but reshape the frame in a way that feels new.

Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 112/4L - Polarized Blue Mirror

Are you looking for something more resemblant to the classic era? The Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 may be the right pair of sunglasses.

These unique aviators were made with a metal, matte gold frame. However, what makes them pop is the flash blue mirror lenses. If the blue lenses aren't your thing, you can pick from the other 13 colors.

The polarized lenses promote higher comfort by reducing the glare you get. If you're someone who loves outdoor activities or driving, these will be the ideal aviators to complement your trip.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have worn this specific design, which is a testament to how stylish it is today.

Tom Ford Jacob TF447 52B

Tom Ford is one of the most reputable brands on the market when it comes to sunglasses and fashion in general. The Jacob TF447 52B blends different styles and eras, including Hollywood glamour and modern trends.

Of course, these aviators feature Tom Ford's unique signature style, which is why they look different from other models on the market. Still, they resemble the special aviator model that everyone loves.

This model features a dark Havana frame and is accompanied by brown smoke gradient lenses, which give off a sense of luxury that you won't find in many other places. Popular celebrities like Conor McGregor have been spotted using these aviators, making them even much more popular among the general public.

How to Choose the Best Aviator Sunglasses in 2024

Picking the right aviator sunglasses is easier said than done. Not everyone wants to go full-classic mode with their outfit, so they may go for something with just the right amount of sleekness and modernity.

Remember, there are many sunglasses on the market. Whether you're looking for a Wayfarer-style option or a great pair of aviators, consider the following factors before deciding:

Face Shape

The shape of your face will give you a great idea of which sunglasses fit your needs the most. Round sunglasses, for example, work great for those with a heart or square shape.

This also helps you pick a pair of sunglasses that stays on your head without any discomfort. If you're already a man who prioritizes fashion, you probably know which products fit your preferences the best.

Skin Tone

Skin tone also influences how good a pair of sunglasses looks. People with warmer skin tones, for example, may go for gold, brown, or honey colors. Those with cooler tones, on the other hand, may prefer silver or black frames.

Take your time to test different colors, and you'll get to the perfect one that makes your face stand out much more.

Personal Style

You should never ignore your style when choosing sunglasses. There are hundreds of options out there.

Some people prefer sunglasses with a sporty aesthetic, whereas others like simpler frames and lenses. Remember, you can also play around with the lens color. Whether you want gray lenses or other interesting colors, take your time before choosing.

You might find a few unisex sunglasses that work perfectly for any occasion too, so it's a matter of knowing what you want and working from there. Our collections may give you a great idea of where to get started.

Lens Quality

Your lenses should always provide a high grade of clarity and low glare. In this case, it's also a matter of taste. Non-polarized lenses, for example, may provide you with excellent protection, although they'll come with extra glare.

High-quality lenses, however, should always give you excellent vision regardless of which ones you choose. At Banton Frameworks, we are committed to giving our clients unique, premium-quality shades, so there's nothing to worry about in this department.


As mentioned, aviators fit a wide range of outfits. If you're looking for a casual look, you can wear a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a leather jacket. Not only does it look classic, but it also gives you a sophisticated appearance that not many other sunglasses will match.

Frame Materials

Aviators often feature lightweight materials, such as metal, plastic, and a hybrid of both. Metal frames resemble the classic look, as that was the material used decades ago. Some of these frames are made with titanium or aluminum for better comfort.

Acetate frames, on the other hand, offer a "modern" approach to aviators. They're much more versatile and come in many colors. Choose acetate if you want a bolder look or want to try out different patterns or textures.


Getting classic aviator sunglasses can completely change your outfit. These stylish sunglasses for men do a great job of complementing most face shapes, ensuring you can fit them for any occasion.

All the options featured by our collection and Pretavoir will give you just what you need to improve your classic style and fit it with modern updates.

Take your time to explore both collections until you find the option that feels better for your taste. Also, if you're eager to check out more collections, don't hesitate to check out our website and Pretavoir's. Or if you're still a little confused as to what style of sunglasses you should go for why not check out our additional Stylish Sunglasses for men blog articles.

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