Vintage Round Glasses: Mens Guide to Classic Eyewear

Vintage round glasses have remained popular for decades and continue to hold great allure for men, old and young. They offer a timeless charm and have a rich history, adding to their widespread use. Moreover, these accessories are suitable for a wide range of face shapes, making them versatile.

From Windsor to Marshwood glasses, the round shape has played a major role in fashion for decades, and it continues to hold its own today.

They are a fantastic choice for the sophisticated man who wants to exude intellect and sophistication. In this article, we will discuss these stylish glasses for men in greater detail to help you decide whether they are the right option for you.

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The Allure of Round Vintage Glasses

Round glasses have evolved from simple spectacles into a timeless fashion statement with a rich heritage and an enduring appeal that spans decades.

The first glasses, which were created in the 12 to 1300s, were round. They were essentially just two magnifying glasses joined together to allow them to sit on your nose, thanks to the saddle bridge design. They also typically featured cable temples to help them sit behind the ears.

However, it wasn't until the middle of the 20th century—thanks to a few well-known individuals who helped to establish their iconic status—that round glasses really took the spotlight.

Individuals such as John Lennon, whose classic spectacles became associated with the 1960s counterculture movement, and Mahatma Gandhi, whose Windsor glasses became representative of his simplistic way of living, helped to make this eyewear popular.

Round vintage spectacles have come to represent a longing for times gone by. They are sought-after not only because of their adoption by celebrities and icons but also because of their frame shape, which complements formal and casual attire.

Our Collection: Vintage-inspired Round Frames

If you are looking for round glasses that will bring out your facial features and give you that retro look, then we have just what you need. Here are some of our most popular frames with a round shape that you can use to get that nostalgic, timeless appeal:

C-Midnight Vertigo - Ovalised 50’s-inspired Frame

In the 50s, round glasses were a popular option, reflecting cultural influences and modern trends. After the war, people looked for more optimistic designs, which is why many radiated toward round spectacles.

Changes in materials also resulted in frames being more lightweight and durable. The C-Midnight Vertigo frames are a testament to this era of history. If you are looking for a pair of glasses that exudes optimism and sophistication, then this one is for you!

D-Hazelnut Tortoise - Classic Round Tortoiseshell Frame

Retro eyewear has a lot to do with aesthetics, so if you need something timeless with a design that transcends generations, then these classic round frames are a fantastic choice.

They add warmth and depth to any look and offer incredible versatility, complementing a number of different ensembles. These glasses also feature bold patterns, which can help you stand out rather than blend in, which was a common pursuit in the 1970s.

K-Spiced Quartz - Vintage Style 70’s Edged Gradient

Are you looking for a versatile pair of glasses to add to your collection? The K-spiced Quartz frames are a great option. These spectacles were inspired by the 70s when round glasses reflected the counterculture spirit.

Our K-Spiced Quartz glasses offer the retro style of the 70s with a more minimalistic, contemporary flare. Rather than bulky nose pads, they feature a keyhole bridge for greater comfort.

H-Rosso Red - Full Round Acetate, Thick-rimmed Frame

Vintage eyeglasses aren't just appealing because of their design or shape. The materials used also play a crucial role in the overall appeal of these accessories. Because glasses are typically worn for several hours every day, it's crucial that they are comfortable.

With these thick-rimmed antique round frames, you can enjoy the many benefits of acetate. This material is both comfortable and durable, offering many years of faithful use. Plus, with the signature aesthetics of these fashion-forward frames, this pair of round vintage glasses will be in style for many years to come.

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Pretavoir's Vintage Gems

In addition to our own collection, you can also find high-quality, stylish, round vintage glasses at Pretavoir. With an impressive range to choose from, you are sure to find what you are looking for. In the section below, we'll talk about some of our favorites from their collection.

The Oliver Peoples Carling Frame

These vintage-inspired glasses are a must for those who want to stick to the style, materials, and design of classic round frames. They are made from metal and are incredibly thin. This provides you with a minimalistic aesthetic that is desirable if you prefer not to have your vintage spectacles stand out.

Drawing inspiration from Windsor eyeglasses, these spectacles are a true tribute to the classic style and imply intellect and wisdom.

The muted colors and gold accents mean that these stylish spectacles will go with just about any outfit, not to mention face shape.

Saville Row Round Vintage Glasses

The Savile Row vintage glasses from Pretavoir are made from durable titanium. This material is fantastic for glasses because it is lighter than other metals but still offers the same kind of longevity. Plus, the sleek silver design is a modern interpretation of the nostalgic style.

Like many vintage glasses, they feature nose pads and have large lenses that are sure to complement most face shapes. This is the perfect pair of spectacles if you desire an understated yet fashion-forward look.

Choosing Your Antique Round Frames

At this point, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices you have. All the glasses we listed above might sound great, but how do you tell which one would work best for you?

To be sure that you are selecting a pair of round vintage glasses that best meets your needs, you will need to first take note of what those requirements are. Do you prefer glasses that have a keyhole bridge or nose pads? What color do you prefer?

The truth is that classic shades such as tortoiseshell or black are timeless, which can be preferable if you're looking for something that you will use for several years. On the other hand, bold colors can help you stand out and offer a more retro look.

You will also need to think about the material of the frames you are about to choose. While it may not seem that important, the type you select will determine the level of comfort your spectacles offer, their durability, and more.

Consider the kind of lens as well. Select prescription lenses to help improve your vision or transparent ones for an elegant appearance. For improved functionality, take into account coatings such as anti-glare or blue-light filtering. If you are keen on anything from our collections we offer free prescription lenses with every frame.

When choosing frames that complement your style, take your personal taste and outfit preferences into account. Antique circular glasses can inspire a range of emotions, from sophisticated intellectualism to vintage style. Pick the frames that will best fit the image you want to portray.

Finally, you will need to think about the shape of your face. Larger frames can give softer features more definition, so make sure you are doing your research before making your choice.

Styling Vintage Round Glasses

Before we leave, we thought it would be helpful to offer tips on how to style your round glasses. In the section below, we'll offer recommendations on what clothing to wear with your new round spectacles.

Smart Casual

If you're attending an event that requires smart casual attire, then why not wear a pair of chinos with a formal shirt and a blazer? This will offer the perfect balance and will complement your round eyewear perfectly.

Formal or Work Setting

Do you have an important meeting to attend? Are you going to a friend's wedding? Regardless of the occasion, you can pair your antique round frames with a suit and button-up shirt for a classic look that matches your glasses well.

Casual Look

Not every occasion requires dressing up, so if you are simply going out for a drink with friends or enjoying a little downtime, why not pair your spectacles with a T-shirt and jeans? To take things up a notch, pair it with a leather jacket.

Keep in mind when choosing your glasses that bold colors are often harder to style than classic hues, so it might be a good idea to go for black or tortoiseshell frames to ensure that you are not limiting your options.

Final Thoughts

There are few things that invoke feelings of nostalgia, like vintage round glasses. You can embrace a design that transcends generations with one of the classic frames from our vast collection or explore some of Pretavoir's glasses to find one that best meets your needs and preferences.

We hope you have found this article helpful, be sure to check out our Stylish Glasses for Men collection to find your next frame. Or if you are still a little stuck why not check out more of our style articles here.


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