What strength of reading glasses do I need?

What strength of reading glasses do I need

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Download this close-reading glasses sight test.



How do I know what reading glasses to get?

Secretly struggling with your close-reading?

Perhaps it's not all that secret as you hold your mobile phone at arms length to read your latest text message...on the largest text-setting.

Regardless of your age, you're probably experiencing the onset of presbyopia.

A good way to determine if you should buy reading glasses online is by taking this quick sight test.

We've created a simple downloadable reading glasses test will help determine which reading lens is best for you.

It only takes a minute and means you’ll know your required lens power.



Reading glasses test

Do I need Reading glasses?

Over time, the muscles in your eyes can weaken.

Focusing on close-by objects and reading can become difficult due to a common condition called presbyopia.

Regardless of your age, reading and close-work such as sewing or drawing can be dramatically improved with the use of high-quality reading glasses.

If you struggle to focus on fine print or find that your close sight is blurry, opting for reading eyeglasses will be a good solution.

To determine if your require reading glasses and your required lens-strength, you can download and print this free diopter chart for reading glasses.

You can read more about the symptoms of presbyopia in our blog.



What is the average age for reading glasses?

Seen in the image above, the soft lens in your eye gradually begins to stiffen as you approach middle-age.

This is due to the onset of a very common condition called presbyopia which means you'll begin to experience difficulty focusing on nearby objects during daily tasks.

Reading or close-vicinity work can become more strenuous which can lead to headaches and frustration.


Even if you’ve never required to wear specs, reading glasses can solve the inevitable symptoms of presbyopia. Basic activities that have become difficult to focus-on can be corrected with a pair of good quality reading eyeglasses.


We sometimes get requests to gauge reading glasses strength by age, but this really isn't a good measure compared to a full eye exam or atleast a close reading test.

Using your free reading glasses test, you’ll have discovered your required strength of corrective lenses.

If you do require corrective lenses, click the button below to browse our collection of quality reading glasses for men and women.

We offer blue light blocking glasses lenses to prevent premature ageing of the eyes which are emitted from phones, tablets and computers.

According to studies, presbyopia is increasing amongst young adults from prolonged exposure to digital screens.



Reading glasses strength meaning

Reading glasses strength is measured in dioptre.

Reading Lens powers range from +1.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.25, +2.50, +2.75, +3.00 dioptre.

So if one dioptre isn't strong enough for you move up to the next increment until you find the right strength.

This is how your free reading glasses test will help you find the right strength of reading lenses. It's basically a printable reading glasses prescription calculator which you can use at home.

Download it, print it and within a few minutes you'll know what's what.


Close view of man with blue eyes

Are reading glasses bad for your eyes?

Despite the myths, incorrectly powered reading eyeglasses will not damage your eyesight.

In this instance, the worst that'll happen is that you'll end up giving yourself a headache as your eyes will still continue to strain to focus properly.

For mild presbyopia, your best bet is a pair of non-prescriptive reading eyeglasses.

If your eyes largely differ in terms of corrective requirement, you'll need to look into a pair of prescription reading glasses that are specifically tailored each of your eyes.

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What is the average strength of reading glasses?

Generally, reading power is fairly low for the average person. It can range as high as +3.50 but these are relatively rare.

If you require a stronger focal power than +3.50, you'll definitely require prescription reading lenses.

At Banton Frameworks, we offer both types of reading lens with all our reading glasses frames.

To make things super-easy, you can easily calculate the cost of your lenses and coatings before purchase.

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What is the lowest strength of reading glasses?

The lowest strength of reading glasses is +1.00 or 1 dioptre.

From +1.00 onwards, the strength increases in 0.25 incriments.

The maximum available strength for ready reading glasses is generally +3.50 but this depends on where you live.

Certain countries/states limit the maximum strength of ready reader lenses. For example, in America, Rhode Island ready reader lenses are limited to a maximum strength of +2.50, but in Minnesota it's +3.25.

In Europe, reading glasses are less limited and can be as strong as +7.00.

However, it's worth mentioning that the lenses in ready reader glasses are matched to same focal strength. This isn't so good as your eyes will most likely need differing lens-strengths as they deteriorate at different rates.

Furthermore, ready readers don't account for your pupillary distance (PD) as they tend to be a one-size-fits-all. This means the optical centres of cheap reading glasses aren't tailored to the distance between your eyes.

To learn how to measure your PD, you can download a free printable ruler here.


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What are the best reading glasses?

Banton Frameworks are devoted to producing the highest quality of reading glasses.

Currently, you might only need a pair of ready readers, but it's is important to invest in quality eyewear regardless of prescription strength.

As such, you might want to check out our blog article which explores 8 reasons to invest in quality reading glasses.

Unlike all the other ready glasses suppliers online we will also take your pupillary distance measurement to ensure an even better match to your reading requirements.

We have created a concise collection of timeless reading glasses styles to suit both men and women. We thouroughly recommend you view the collection here.