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    Regardless of your age, the muscles in your eyes gradually weaken over time. Eventually, this can make it hard to focus on fine text or small writing. A condition commonly known as presbyopia is most likely the cause of your struggle to focus and even lead to headaches. To learn more about reading glasses and how they can help you, we suggest you visit our information page here. To learn about presbyopia, you can read more via



    Buying reading glasses for men, you’ll want a reliable frame that’s going to last. Sure, you can buy cheap reading glasses online pretty much everywhere; but for such an important item you’ll wear every single day, we suggest you invest in quality. If you’re looking for a well-made frame, our robust men's reading glasses are timeless and classic in equal measure. These are reading eyeglasses as you’ve never seen them before.



    One thing’s for sure, our ladies reading glasses aren’t an item of disposable fashion. If it’s quality you’re looking for, our androgynous collection of robust reading frames are made right here in the UK and designed to last. Whilst there are many cheaper options online, our design approach has led us to create this understated but confident collection of reading spectacles. Ditch the trend for cheap reading glasses UK and invest in something extra special. When they arrive through your door, you’ll see what we mean.



    For a more tailored experience, our handmade reading glasses are a perfect solution. At Banton Frameworks we offer an array of prescriptive reading lenses which can be professionally fitted into your handmade frame. These lenses can be coated in numerous ways including anti-scratch, anti-glare. Your lenses can be even coated to make them into blue light blocking glasses for reading tablets and phones. These options can found in our lens menu at the right-hand side of each product.



    If you're new to wearing reading glasses and these are your first pair, you’ve successfully avoided the pitfalls of low-cost options. Those cheap ready readers are everything our frames aren’t and very rarely do they last. Instead, we’ve opted to use high-quality materials and precision process to handmake each of our reading eyeglasses frames inside our Glasgow based workshop. It’s certainly a unique approach to a disposable item, but at Banton Frameworks, we want to make the best frames we can, not the most frames we can.

    Designed well. Made well. Here.


    Reading Glasses FAQs

    Can you wear reading glasses all the time?

    Wearing reading glasses for long periods is completely fine. Contrary to myths of increased dependency or worsening your vision, wearing reading eyeglasses all day is not a problem. Due to the improvement of your close-reading vision, you may want to wear them all the time and is a personal preference without risk.

    What is the lowest prescription for reading glasses?

    1 dioptre is usually the lowest strength of reading glasses. From there, the strength increases in 0.25 increments. Depending on your location, reading eyeglasses are usually limited to a maximum strength of 4 or 5 dioptres.

    Is it OK to use reading glasses?

    Using non-prescriptive reading eyeglasses is a good solution for mild presbyopia. This is a common condition starting at around the age of 40. Despite the myths, incorrectly powered reading eyeglasses will not damage your eyesight.

    Can you use reading glasses for computer?

    It’s not recommended that you use reading glasses for intermediate sight correction. Reading lenses typically enhance your ability to focus on reading distances which are an average of about 35 cm away.

    Can reading glasses help with eye strain?

    Yes and no. If you use the correct dioptre of lens, reading glasses can help you read small text, preventing eye strain and headaches. Alternatively, using the incorrect dioptre can do the opposite and worsen your ability to focus. Take this quick eye test to understand the best lens power for you.

    Do I need blue light blocking glasses?

    Digital devices such as laptops, phones and tablets have been proven to emit damaging frequencies of light. You can protect your eyes by using blue light blocking glasses which filter out these harmful frequencies.

    How do I choose the right strength of reading glasses?

    Using a printable sight test chart, you can determine your strength of reading eyeglasses by holding it at 35cm. The first immediate line that appears blurry has the recommended dioptre strength associated with it, thus informing your strength of reading lenses.

    Should I get prescription reading glasses?

    Most commonly, one of your eyes is weaker than the other. Standard reading glasses have the same power of dioptre in both lenses. This may encourage you to get tailored reading glasses which are suited to your individual requirements.