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What does your computer screen smell like?

Unless you have your nose pressed against your screen, you'll want to know why your close-reading and intermediate sight are two VERY different things.


Are reading glasses different from computer glasses?

Asian female using computer without blue light glasses

First and foremost, reading glasses are used for close reading.

Anything within 35cm from your eyes is considered as close reading.

Holding a book, tablet or your mobile phone at a natural reading distance is within this distance. This can be corrected with basic reading eyeglasses.

Distances beyond 35cm are considered as intermediate sight.

This includes tasks such as computer work which may seem like close reading but actually beyond the intended distance and purpose of reading glasses.


Progressive computer reading-glasses


Computer glasses is a loosely used term for prescription computer glasses. These can be made to as progressive computer reading glasses or single vision computer glasses which have been tailored for your intermediate distance use.

Furthermore, computer glasses are often confused with anti glare computer glasses.

Glasses to protect eyes from computer-work utilise an additional coating which we can add to protect your eyes from HEV light emitted from digital screens. 


Are cheap reading glasses bad for your eyes?

Are cheap reading glasses bad for your eyes

Cheap reading glasses are probably worse for the environment than they are for your eyes.

They’re highly disposable and are notorious for breaking easily.

Despite the hearsay, cheap reading glasses or incorrectly powered reading glasses will not cause damage to your eyes.

At worst, the wrong dioptre of reading glasses will merely impede your ability to focus. This in itself can cause eye strain and reading headaches.


Your free reading glasses prescription test

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Is it okay to wear reading glasses if you have perfect vision?

Is it okay to wear reading glasses if you have perfect vision

If you have perfect vision, you can still wear reading glasses to reduce close-reading strain on your eyes.

This aid might suggest that your close vision is starting to deteriorate, however, reading glasses are purely a magnifying lens.

This reduces the workload of the eye muscles which contract around the soft crystalline lens in your eye to create close-focus.

Computer glasses with magnification are better described as single vision lenses. These are tailored lenses, specific to your prescription for each of your eyes.

These will provide a pair of glasses that are specific to computer-use.

Shop men's single vision glasses

Shop women's single vision glasses


Do glasses help with computer eye strain?

Do glasses help with computer eye strain

Can reading glasses help computer eye strain?

Reading glasses are not recommended to help with computer use as they are made for close distance reading within 35cm.

Computer eye strain and reading headaches can be assisted by using a single vision or varifocal lens which will correct your intermediate sight.

Learn about anti blue-light glasses


Where to buy computer glasses

Buy computer glasses online Banton Frameworks

At Banton Frameworks, we sell an array of handmade glasses frames.

If you use your reading glasses for close screen-work with your phone or tablet, you'll certainly benefit from blue light blocking glasses as your reading fame.

You can simply add this lens coating to your prescription via our advanced lens menu. (Ultra blue light blocking)

This coating is available for all our optical products and will help to protect your eyes from high energy visible light emitted from digital devices.


Get your free reading glasses strength test



Jamie Bartlett: co-founder  |  Long term exposure to digital screens is an increasing concern for people of all ages. It’s reported that our surging exposure to digital devices is prematurely ageing the eyes in young adults, also leading to insomnia.

For a slight additional cost, we can add Ultra Blue Light protection to any type of glasses lenses which can hep reduce this harmful frequency of light (HEV).

This coating can be added using our lens menu with each of our optical products.

For more information about reading glasses, check out my other article: Do I need reading glasses?



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Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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