by Jamie Bartlett

The iceberg theory.

Only what is above the water can be seen...

We wanted to shed some light regarding the design, or indeed, the hidden design, that goes into a pair of handmade Banton Frameworks glasses.

Design itself, to say the least, is quite an elusive topic. For us as paroduct designers, design describes the manipulation of raw materials to create further value. So how does this apply to our eyewear?

All the way from Europe, large two metre sheets of acetate arrive at our studio workshop doors and leaves as glasses frames. Transforming these raw materials into a pair of glasses requires a careful balance of procedures, fixtures, moulds, machines and jigs; hidden design.

The truth is, we spend more time developing these procedures than we do designing our glasses. "Beneath the iceberg", unseen, are numerous sequences of problems, discreetly solved. It might not look like it but we use 15 seperate machining operations to make each of our acetate frame fronts. Each curve, contour and undercut happens in a very specific sequence and that is just the machining stage. (Find out more about how we manufacture).


"Numerous problems, discreetly solved."


An array of our processes.



You're probably familiar with acetate's subtle patterns, translucency and sculpture. But there's an unspoken beauty to it's singularity. Machined from a single piece of acetate, a frame can be fitted with prescription lenses, heated, curved, adjusted and assembled to cater for numerous head sizes and face shapes. It's a lot to ask from one piece of material and requires considerable thought. So why do we do it this way?

Less design is good design.

Overcoming numerous complexities, a single-piece frame front eradicates the need for four or five seperate parts. With less parts, there are less processes and thus, less design.

In the search for simplicity, we endeavour to design and make eyewear to be worn all day, everyday.

Designed well. Made well. Here.


Be a Black Sheep, Story Book by Banton Frameworks


"Building a factory in a digital era".


Discover why we broke into our old University to learn the things we were never taught. Unearth why we're changing an industry. Know our purpose. Meet our enemy. Be a Black Sheep.


Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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