Glasses frames for men’s face shape: the ultimate guide

What glasses for face shape?

Choosing men’s glasses to suit your face shape can feel daunting.

Shopping for men’s eyeglasses, your options probably seem endless.

With some many shapes, styles and colours, finding the right pair can take a while. 


Choosing the right glasses frames for men’s face shape.

You definitely want a frame that’s in-style.

But you also want your glasses to last you the next two years and survive the ever changing trends.

Our advice: choose a frame that’ll suit your face shape.

By doing so, you can avoid the pitfalls of fast fashion to secure a pair of men’s eyeglasses that’ll suit you, even when trends have been and gone.


Man using a pair of black binoculars


What glasses are right for my face?

Via the steps below, take some time to follow this guide to help you on how to pick the right glasses frame for your face.



How do you know the shape of your face?

This will seem basic but this simple task can largely affect which frames are going to suit you the most.

Invest just a few minutes and this is going to save you any future regret about your choice of spectacles.

You can try services such as apps or "glasses for face shape upload photo", but we reckon these ways are easier.


iPhone on grey table with photo of a man on screen with a trace outline around his face


Phone method: Take or find a selfie on your phone. Using an app like Facebook messenger or your notes, trace around the shape of your face using the ‘pen-tool’. Use a bright colour of pen to really highlight your face shape.


Find your face shape using a photograph


Picture method: Print a basic self portrait of yourself in black and white. Alternatively a passport style photo will work perfectly for this method. Grab a brightly coloured pen and roughly trace round your face and hairline (if you have one.)


Find your face shape using a mirror


Mirror method: Get yourself one of those non-permanent white-board marker pens. Standing closely in front of the mirror, trace round your face shape using the non-permanent pen. Did we already say non-permanent?



Video method: We came across this video on YouTube. This guy does a pretty good job of explaining the points we’ve already made and discusses the most common male face shapes.






Illustration of a man with a white outline around his face shape

In the list below, we’ve listed the most common types of face shapes. However, it’s highly likely that you’ll be a mixture of two or more types of face shape, so don’t worry.

If this is the case, you can cross-compare our glasses suggestions for each. Doing this should still help you towards making a more informed decision for your choice of glasses for face shape male.




Glasses for round face male

"Your forehead is broad and your facial structure is soft. You may even have the odd dimple amid your softer cheeks and jawline”.


What is the best glasses shape for a round face?

Your face has softer features such as fuller cheeks and a gentle jaw line.

If this sounds like you, we suggest you stick to a square glasses frame. An angular pair of spectacles with straight edges will juxtapose your rounded face shape here nicely.

For those with pale skin who want something fairly classic, we suggest you opt for men’s square tortoise shell glasses. This style of glasses will work well for your cool complexion and round face shape.

If you’d rather keep things neutral, we completely understand. A colourful men’s glasses frame might seem a little intrusive so perhaps a monochrome acetate will work better?

If so, you’ll want to check out our black square frame glasses or our square grey frame glasses. These neutral spectacle frames can be worn with any colour of clothes you like. One less thing to think about.

For a slightly smaller head size, rectangular glasses are a good alternative for you. These are slightly smaller than our big spec frames but made from the same black acetate in our studio-workshop.






Glasses for square face male

“The width of your cheeks and jaw are relatively equal. This make your face that square shape which gives you a wide selection of men’s eyeglass styles”.


Glasses for men with square faces.

To contrast your square characteristics, we suggest a rounded glasses frame.

For a timeless look, round tortoise glasses will juxtapose your angular head perfectly. If tortoise seems too colourful, you should consider other, less vibrant acetate options in our glasses frames for men collection.

However, if a round frame just isn’t your thing, we totally get it. Instead, opt for a frame with a much straighter brow-line. Glasses like these are more assertive in the upper half but still rounded in the lower half.

This style of frame is less ‘statement’ and appear that bit more reserved.




Glasses for triangle face male
“Your wide forehead tapers down to your narrow chin. Starting wide at your hairline and narrow at the jaw gives your face a triangular structure.”


Glasses frames for men's face shape with a triangular structure.

Yes, triangular faces are a thing.

Your face might be mixture of triangular with oval or square which makes this face shape a little trickier to define.

However, this face shape is also superbly versatile; depending on your taste and intended style. 

Round spectacle styles are going to soften and contrast your pointed chin and jaw. This is a perfect example of creating balance with your choice of spectacle frame.

If a rounded frame seems a little too much, look for square frames without sharp lens corners. Those rounded details will have the a similar effect to a full round frame without the associated ‘statement style’.




Glasses for oval face male

“Your face is widest at your cheeks with a narrower forehead and chin. This gives your face shape an oval outline”.


Glasses frames for men's face shape with a rectangular structure

This is a very common face shape and works well with boxy glasses frames.

For everyday environments: we suggest an angular pair of men's eyeglasses. To contrast your gentle face-structure sharp/rectangular glasses are a good way to go.

Will round glasses suit oval face?

For something a little more brave, a frame with a stong brow-line will give you that angularity we’ve already suggested. A rounded lower half will simultaneously give a more creative and bolder aesthetic, perfect for less formal occasions.

Shop men's glasses.




Glasses for heart face male

“Your have wide cheekbones that lead to a narrow chin. What defines your heart shaped face is your irregular V shaped hairline”.


Glasses frames for men's face shape with a 'heart' structure

You might be wondering if your face is indeed heart-shaped. This face shape is similar to an oval or triangle but your “widow’s peak” hairline puts you more firmly in the heart face shape category.

Heart shapes faces are super versatile, so your taste and dress sense are going to inform your eyewear decision. Glasses for oblong face types tend to be quite angular. A straight edged men's eyeglass style with sharp lens corners creates balance to your undulating hairline. We suggest you stick to square or rectangular spectacles. 

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.

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