The spectacles & sunglasses frames worn in 'The Gentleman'

Seldom do films or dramas have such immensely curated eyewear.

More of an afterthought than an integral feature, spectacles or sunglasses are rarely granted much in the way of priority.

But for you, the eyewear aficionado, the March 2024 Netflix action comedy 'The Gentleman' is a treat for the eyes; both as a viewer and the wonderfully wardrobed cast.

This listicle investigates and applauds the exceptional array of frames worn in the first season of this stellar action series spin-off by Guy Ritchie.


What sunglasses does Bobby Glass wear in The Gentleman?

Bobby Glass wearing thick frame rectangular sunglasses in the Gentleman Netflix action comedy series

Throughout the 8 episode series 1, Ray Winston (Bobby Glass) wears The Hemmings sunglasses frame by luxury Los Angeles optical brand Jacques Marie Mage.

These angular frames were a limited edition release of just 250 frames, handmade in optical capital of Sabae, Japan. These decadent frames are sculpted from 10mm thick Japanese acetate (Takiron) which gives the Hemmings it's brutish, dominant aesthetic.

In various scenes, the custom hardware of these sunglasses are visible thanks to the custom laminated temples. A clear layer of acetate reveals the reinforcing temple cores which are gold plated.

Winston is known to regularly wear JMM frames and given the rarity of these sunglasses, I suspect these are actually his own pair fitted with his custom, lightly tinted prescription lenses. At around a 40% ABS brown tint, he stylishly wears them as both spectacles and sunglasses. (See a grey version of Winston's frame below.)

Thick square sunglasses frame lying folded on white marble surface



What sunglasses does Eddie Horniman wear in The Gentleman?

Eddie Horniman wearing thick frame dark rectangular sunglasses frame in the Netflix action comedy The Gentleman

Protagonist and aristocrat, Eddie Horniman (Theo James) wears two different sunglasses frames in series 1 of The Gentleman, including the Jacques Marie Mage Fitzgerald and later, the Garrett Leight Hampton X 2082 PG/PGN.

In episode 4, he attends a funeral with his mother wearing the Wayfarer-esque 'Fitzgerald' sunglasses frame in the 'Duo' colourway. Not quite a tortoise shell pattern, this Takiron acetate is primarily opaque black, sparsely mottled with translucent flecks of amber.

As seen above, the lenses are a dark brown (around 85% ABS) which bring a warming hue to this luxury frame's aesthetic. Adding to these golden tones are the triple rivet heads visible on the temple arms and JMM's proprietary 'spearhead' deco rivet on the frame front.

Three quarter view of thick black sunglasses frame with yellow tinted lenses



Front view of Eddie Horniman in The Gentleman wearing clear frame round sunglasses and grey suit sitting outside

In episodes 5 and 6, the 10th Duke of Halstead Manor also adorns the Garrett Leight Hampton X 2082 PG/PGN sunglasses frame. The clear frame sunglasses are made of neutral crystal acetate, in a classic round frame shape.

Seen (above) beside his stylish drug lord accomplice, Susie Glass, the lenses in his Hamton frame a stylish emerald green tint. The perfect colour of lenses, these harmonise perfectly with the leafy gardens in his newly inherited estate.

Three quarter view of clear frame sunglasses with green tinted lenses



What glasses does Theo James wear in The Gentleman?

Close view of Eddie Horniman wearing the Garrett Leight Kinney 1049 MBRT glasses frame in The Gentleman Netflix drama series

In episode 3 of 'The Gentleman' Theo James wears the Garret Leight Kinney glasses frame in the  'matte brandy tortoise' colourway. These sophisticated looking spectacles are a subdued Havana pattern with muted tones of amber, brown and black.

Tying into Eddie's astute characteristics, these studious frames feature a classic keyhole nose bridge and dual pin-riveted hinges. An understated but suave look for this incognito scene where he  scopes the luxury car dealership for the green Lamborghini Hurucan.

Three quarter view of Havana pattern eyeglasses frame



What glasses does Freddy Horniman wear in The Gentleman?

Character Freddy Horniman wearing amber coloured thick frame sunglasses in the Netflix drama series The Gentleman

In series 1, episode 7, Freddy Horniman (Daniel Ings) wears the David Beckham DB 1007/S B4LQT sunglasses frame. Part of the David Beckham eyewear line, these oval shaped frames are made from a warming 'Honey Brown' cellulose acetate and fitted with brown tinted sun lenses.

These '50s inspired frames have a vintage aesthetic thanks to the keyhole nose bridge and characteristic external hinge details; a proprietary detail of the DB eyewear line up.  With a classic cut silhouette, these shades complement Freddy Horniman's sharp suit and open top car perfectly.

Amber coloured thick frame sunglasses frame



What glasses does Chucky Kubra wear in The Gentleman?

Guz Khan wearing oversized black frame sunglasses with orange tinted lenses in the Netflix drama series The Gentleman

In episode 6, series 1 of The Gentleman, Chucky Kubra (Guz Khan) wears oversized black Aviators from Pretty Little Thing featuring a single bridge and lightly tinted orange lenses. Despite the eyewear calibre of The Gentleman, these inexpensive and enormous shades are the perfect eyewear for Chucky's loud, obnoxious but consistently hilarious character.

Oversized black Aviator sunglasses with orange tinted lenses



What glasses does Stanley Johnston wear in The Gentleman?

Three quarter view of Stanley Johnston wearing thick frame Ahlem glasses in the Netflix drama The Gentleman

My favourite character, Stanley Johnston (Giancarlo Esposito) wears three different glasses frames in season 1 of The Gentleman, including the Ahlem 'Les Halles', the Jacques Marie Mage 'Molino' and an unidentified black round-eye frame suspected to be Cutler And Gross.

In episode 1, we're introduced to this impeccably dressed, sophisticated business man wearing the Dark Turtle edition of the Les Halles spectacle frame by the luxury Los Angeles optical brand Ahlem. These chunky, geometric frames feature an unusual brow line with angular facets across the top of the frame, punctuated with characteristic triangular 'flag' shape rivet heads.

Front view of thick geometric style Havana pattern eyeglasses frame



Front view of Stanley Johnston wearing round frame eyeglasses in the Netflix series The Gentleman

Adding further to Stanley Johnston's intellect are these quintessential circular black frame glasses. These classic-looking spectacles compliment his studious demeanour, framing his refined demeanour as an accomplished but slightly formidable business mogul.

These non-descript glasses are difficult to identify as they don't show any external branding or characterising details. However, as a perennial-cool optical style, you can replicate these suave glasses with the Linea H Onyx Black frame.

Round black spectacles frame lying folded on beige background



Stanley Johnston wearing Jacques Marie Mage thick frame eyeglasses in the Netflix drama The Gentleman

In episode 6, series 1 of The Gentleman, Stanley Johnston round out his eyewear arsenal with a pair of Jacques Marie Mage Molino spectacles. Congrous with the elite array of luxury glasses frames wardrobed for the series, these chunky rectangular frames are one of his most stylish.

The Molino is a '60s inspired frame featuring a rectangular silhouette and a top-heavy brow line. As with many of JMM's acetate frames, these glasses feature the brand's signature laminated temple arms which use a clear layer of acetate to expose the gold-plated core within.

Thick black rectangular spectacle frame lying folded on white marble surface



What glasses does Susie Glass wear in The Gentleman?

Three quarter view of Susie Glass wearing thick frame butterfly sunglasses in the Netflix drama series The Gentleman

In episode 3, series 1 of The Gentleman, female protagonist and cockney badass Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario) wears a pair of Gucci GG1170S 001 sunglasses.

To go with her pink wool coat, these cat eye frames are made from a chunky black acetate with grey tinted sun lenses. Known for their feminine looks, cat eye sunglasses like these are a vintage looking sunglasses style that weaves wonderfully with her classy attire and unshakeable confidence.

Three quarter view of Gucci thick cat eye sunglasses frame



Susie Glass wearing oversized tortoise pattern sunglasses with lightly tinted blue lenses

Now, these sunglasses are a strong look. But in episode 6, series 1, Susie Glass nails these vintage-inspired shades with her unbelievable '70s ensemble.

This enormously oversized frame features a Havana pattern brown upper, graduating to a yellow crystal lower, fitted with lightly blue tinted lenses. Having searched everywhere for this specific model, I suspect it's a vintage edition which is no longer in production.

However, I did find two very similar sunglasses with paralleled retro chic.

The first being the Monsieur 100F in a brown two tone acetate. Seen below, the shape and lens colour are near-identical to those worn by Kaya Scodelario in episode 6. These are deadstock vintage frames so they're a rare find if you're looking to replicate the Susie Glass eyewear style.

Women's brown to clear gradient crystal acetate sunglasses frame with blue tinted lenses

For something more luxurious, I couldn't resist another mention of Jacques Marie Mage. Although these weren't the frames worn by Susie, the JMM Perreti sunglasses in 'Camel' acetate are an outrageously stylish option for women who seek oversized frames.

The lenses in the Perrti are the same lightly tinted blue colour, at around 30% absorption. More of a lifestyle tint than a full fledged sun lens, these blue panes bring a touch of Hollywood glamour; Susie Glass approved...of course.

Oversized Havana pattern sunglasses frame lying folded on white marble surface 




As you've witnessed, the eyewear featured in series 1 of The Gentleman truly exemplifies the meticulous curation that went into accessorizing the characters, reflecting their unique personalities and the series' luxurious aesthetic.

From the thick, structured "Molino" frames adorning Giancarlo Esposito to Susie Glass's vintage-inspired Gucci cat-eye sunglasses, each piece of eyewear not only complements the wardrobe choices but also adds depth to the characters' personas.

The selection of glasses and sunglasses in the series is a testament to the attention to detail and the effort to match the eyewear with the show's high-fashion undertones.

I can't wait to see the frames for series two... if they make one.


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