The Visionary Style: Unveiling Oprah Winfrey's Glasses

In the entertainment industry, there’s a saying that rings true all the time: Image is everything, and an individual’s first impression accounts for a lot. Oprah Winfrey — an influential figure whose name is synonymous with media power and philanthropy — is well apprised on this front. Hence, why she’s kept Kelly Hurliman (her stylist) by her side for years, to curate her wardrobe.

Her goal is to not only grab the media’s attention, but to also project the same level of confidence as other female fashion icons. And of course, we’re referring to Jackie O, Naomi Watts, as well as Audrey Hepburn, among other influential figures. 

Unfortunately, despite the fact that we would have loved to, we can’t examine every single item of clothing that she’s been donning throughout her career. While we concur that would have been an incredible conversation, at the moment, we’re more interested in the glasses that she keeps on sporting during interviews. 

But before we get to it, let’s first answer this age-old question; “Why are Oprah Winfrey’s glasses part and parcel of her brand?”

The thing is, even though her brand and persona were always deemed immaculate without the glasses, they still lacked that “It” factor. You don’t have to be Einstein to see how those lenses often seem to tell a story about her creative vision. 

On top of that, her consistency in wearing them — not to mention her intentionality — has opened numerous doors for collaborations with brands, stylists, and designers, who only used to work with commercial models.

If you’d like to go through the same Oprah Winfrey eyewear evolution, but you don’t know which specific glasses to go for, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some of the dupes that she’s either rocked while screening a show, or while making a public appearance. 


The Royal Interview: Oprah Winfrey’s Swiss Götti OR02 Glasses


Oprah Winfrey Glasses Royal Interview

It didn’t take long for fashion enthusiasts around the world to take note of a particular pair of glasses that Oprah likes wearing while hosting high-profile individuals. And yes, we’re referring to Switzerland’s Gotti OR02 iteration. 

Those glasses first made a cameo appearance in the Barack Obama interview. But we were so caught up in the conversation that the two were having, we completely forgot to scrutinize their wardrobe designs. 

We once again spotted them when Lady Gaga was a guest on the Oprah Show, but Gaga being “Gaga”, most of us were distracted by that eccentric personality. Fortunately, as fate would have it, that wouldn’t be the last time we saw them.


Oprah Harry and Meghan Interview

Oprah got them out a third time during Megan and Harry’s interview, and not even the buzz surrounding the royal family's situation could shift our focus. We immediately wore our Sherlock Holmes cap, got a hold of the chrome magnifying glass, and went scouring the internet for information. When we were done, this is the report we wrote:

The Götti brand was founded in 1993 by Sven Gotti, and his business partner, Felix Moreno. As the years went by, the company’s timeless designs, innovative technology, and Swiss precision, enabled it to carve a fairly large niche in the luxury eyewear realm.

Oprah Wearing Gotti Glasses Backstage

Rumor has it that Oprah Winfrey first procured her Götti glasses in 2019, during one of her scheduled visits to her optician, in Washington DC. She’s quoted as having said that she was immediately drawn to the lenses’ quality, craftsmanship, and most importantly, understated elegance.

To be honest, she’s not the only one hyping up this brand. Fashion connoisseurs who’ve managed to get their hands on the frames have left several incredible reviews online, leaving some of us envious. This optical brand truly embraces cutting-edge technology to produce highly functional eyewear pieces.

Gotti Glasses as worn by Oprah


For example, if you take a closer look at their 3D-printed frames, you’ll realize the construction is polyamide-made, making them ultra-lightweight and insanely flexible. We also have it on good authority that they’ve been meticulously handcrafted by Swiss designers, to ensure they radiate affluence and exclusivity. 

This particular Götti interpretation comes in a minimalist design. We noted that it’s a patented connector system, entirely made up of parts that aren’t even assembled using soldering, glue, or even screws. 

Oprah wearing Gotti Glasses on cover of Oprah Magazine


Ostensibly, the intention behind this design was to give the wearer the option of detaching and reattaching certain parts with ease, any time they feel the need to switch things up, so that they can display different aspects of their personality. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find these exact glasses on the market, or something relatively similar. They are normally produced in limited numbers, and the technology applied in production makes it virtually impossible for other brands to replicate the design. However, if we were to recommend an iteration that’s close enough, we’d go with the Ray-Ban Round Gaze RB 3947V 2501 glasses. 


Oprah Winfrey’s Round Glasses by Schnuchel 4030 Vintage Designer

Oprah Winfrey wearing Round Glasses by Schnuchel 4030 Vintage Designer

A while back, Oprah Winfrey launched a platform called Super Soul Conversations. Her intention was (and still is) to help people explore the deeper meaning of life, by opening up and having candid conversations about issues that plague our society.

But just like any other Oprah Winfrey Show, the people who get invites to make an appearance as guests are not your Average Joes. We’re talking about health and wellness gurus, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, and renowned leaders.

During the Salma Hayek episode, she was seen wearing a pair of round Schnuchel 4030 glasses that were blue, and had a tortoiseshell effect. The frame's blue shade was obviously meant to complement her jacket, but we could tell that wasn’t its only primary function. 

Oprah Winfrey’s Round Glasses by Schnuchel 4030 Vintage Designer

It’s important to note that blue is a color known to have a psychological effect. Given that this platform centers around spirituality, personal growth, relationships, social justice, health, and well-being, she unequivocally chose the shade to portray feelings of calmness, peace, and serenity.

Its tortoiseshell pattern, on the other hand, was tasked with adding a touch of individuality to her entire outfit. And it for sure did, as it seamlessly blended with her fashion aesthetic to bring out that elegant but vintage look. 

If you love this oversized chunky round eye style why not check out out H-series of frames.


Oprah Winfrey’s Shepherd’s Bush Glasses by Ron Arad


Oprah wearing Ron Arad glasses Frame Shepards Bush

In our opinion, the thing that makes Rod Arad a talented designer in their eyewear fashion space, is not the fact that he’s able to comfortably compete with players in the big leagues. Some of you might not know this, but he’s also an architect and industrial designer by profession — one who has a knack for producing glasses using a sculptural approach.

When he launched his PQ Eyewear brand in 2010, nobody thought he would be using 3D-printing technology to challenge the conventional notions of glasses. So, you can imagine the shock written all over our faces when we were introduced to frames that resembled mini-sculptures.

Ron Arad Shepards Bush Glasses


Their details were too intricate for most people to comprehend, while the textures could only be described as playful. And when it came to the angles, they were unlike anything we had ever seen before. Irrespective of their avant-garde aesthetic, somehow, Ron still managed to create eyewear pieces that didn’t compromise on comfort.

On her way to accept her W.E.B Du Bois medal award at Harvard, Oprah Winfrey wore the Shepherd’s Bush PQ glasses model — the very same iteration that won the 2012 Silver Newcomer of the Year award.

Oprah Winfreys Shepherds Bush Glasses by Ron Arad

These glasses are the most flexible interpretations on the market. They can be adjusted to fit any wearer’s head, without having to remove a single screw or tampering with the hinge. From what we’ve heard, the inspiration behind the design came from the mechanics of our animal skeletons.


Oprah Winfrey’s Kuboraum Mask K5 OS Eyeglasses


Oprah Winfrey wearing Kuboraum Mask K5 OS Eyeglasses


Kuboraum is yet another brand that likes to produce audacious designs. Founded in 2012 by Sergio Eusebi and Livio Grazziottin, their designers have always employed theatrical approaches to manufacture distinctive frames that are more akin to face masks than actual glasses.

These pieces are so large that they end up enveloping not just the eyes, but the cheekbones as well.

Procuring a Kuboraum frame is not easy, even if you have deep pockets. Because they like to produce their iterations in limited quantities, to make them more appealing to fashion enthusiasts and collectors who are always on the lookout for something special. 

The most iconic designs in their line of production are the H40, P1, and Oprah Winfrey’s personal favorite, the K5 interpretation.


Oprah Winfreys Kuboraum Mask K5 OS Eyeglasses

The Mask K5 OS Eyeglasses are square-shaped and have acetate rims. This frame is truly a fine work of art, but we’re not so surprised, given it’s a product of the highest level of craftsmanship.

Seeing it on Oprah, and how it allowed her to embrace her inner creativity, only reaffirmed Kuboraum’s commitment to produce glasses that transcend fashion. The kind of designs that only advocate for individuality and self-expression.   

Givenchy’s GV 50042I 001 design model is always an incredible alternative, should you fail to find an authentic Kuboraum Mask K5 interpretation. 


Oprah Winfrey’s Peepers By PeeperSpecs Reading Glasses

 Oprah Winfrey’s Tortoise Peppers Reading Glasses

Have you ever gone through one of the annual lists of “Oprah’s Favorite Things Under $50”? In the 2022 release, she added her Tortoise Peepers Reading Glasses. Right under the photo, in the caption, she talks about how the frames have made her life easier over the years, considering she’s one of those people who prefers wearing glasses that match her outfits.

This model usually comes in different shades, but you can tell Oprah has a bias. She likes to go with the daring oversized tortoise look, to bring out that unique blend of elegance, richness, and warmth. Or maybe we’re just reading too much into it, and the real reason why she’s into them is because they add a grounding and sophisticated dimension to most of her casual outfits.

Peepers by PeeperSpecs come with polycarbonate frames that feature spring hinges to guarantee a comfortable fit and durability. That same construction material also makes them ultra-lightweight and impact-resistant. From a distance, they sort of look like Hugo Boss’ 1494 086 interpretation. 

Hugo Boss 1494 086 Glasses


Oprah Winfrey’s Luxuriator by Franco Prescription Glasses

 Oprah Winfrey Luxuriator by Franco

Winfrey was once spotted visiting a Luxuriator by Franco store in Beverly Hills to get herself a new pair of eyewear a few years back. She even took a picture while at the store, with one of the managers, who was helping her choose a frame that would accentuate her facial features.

Now, one may ask, “Of all the brands, why Luxuriator by Franco?” 

Well, the one thing that distinguishes this entity from all the other players, is the incorporation of pave and micro pave diamonds into their luxury designs. Nearly all of their sunglasses have frames, temples, and bridges, covered in diamonds. 

Not the prescription glasses, though. That’s why Oprah’s model looked basic. While we can’t make out the exact model from the picture taken, we think she either got the Charlie, Haven, or Paris iteration. 

Then again, that’s not to imply that the Luxuriator by Franco brand is all about the bling. They often show this eerie dedication to their artisanal traditions, by ensuring all frames get handcrafted in Italy, using platinum or gold.

What’s more, they’ve been featured in GQ as well as innumerable Vogue magazines, in addition to many other prestigious publications. You might realize soon enough that they rarely miss being part of red-carpet events such as the Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and several other high-profile clothing trade shows.

Final Word

When Oprah Winfrey’s career started taking off in the 80s, her wardrobe radiated dynamism in every sense of the word. She wasn’t afraid to sport dramatic prints or bold colors, because she knew that was the only way to project an aura of authority while commanding attention. 

Nonetheless, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, especially considering the industry was male-dominated at the time. Suffice it to say, that old but vibrant audacity is what we’re seeing now in her eyewear choices. Reminding us of the importance of celebrating individuality, while empowering women. 

In your free time, check out the other eyewear icon blogs to learn more about our celebrity fashion choices. We sincerely hope this information was helpful. 

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