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Do I need a new prescription?

No, order on launch day and secure your free lenses.

You can get your eyes tested later.

When you're ready, email us your new prescription and we'll fit your lenses.

Which lenses are included?

Varifocal or single vision.

If you have a strong prescription, we'll even provide complementary lens thinning.

Plus anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings.

When are prescription lenses fitted?

This depends on what you select in the form above.

1) 'Lenses later' means your lenses are fitted after home try-on.

2) 'Pre-fit' means your lenses will fitted before shipping, saving you £25 on launch day.

Can I try the glasses on at home first?

Yes, select the 'lenses later' option.

This means your frame will be sent with demo lenses and not your prescription.

After confirming you love your new frame, we'll fit your lenses later.

But... for £25 off, we can 'pre-fit' your lenses before we ship your order.

This quicker option makes your order non-returnable.

Can you fit my lenses first?

Yes, we can fit your prescription lenses BEFORE we send the frame to you.

As a reward, we'll take £25 off your total order.

Ideal for getting your order more quickly or if you're based overseas.

Pre-fits are non-refundable.

Can I get my prescription lenses elsewhere?

Certainly, most opticians will fit frames like ours without any issue at all. (Highstreet chain stores too.) Best to phone and ask first though - just to be sure.

A rare offering

Frames so scarce, you won't find them in an optician. Welcome to your niche optical purveyor.


From the hands that made them

Crafted from premium quality acetate and enduring hardware. Served with unlimited adjustments and lifetime repairs.

Easy prescriptions

No fuss lens fitting, quick & easy. Just message us your prescription and we'll do the rest.


Beating big brands

Don't overpay for names and logos. Invest in handmade eyewear that's built to last.