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Glasses frames for face shape

You may ask: what glasses shape is best for my face? For women, your glasses are an important consideration for the way you see. Especially, they’re important for how you're seen. Shopping for optical frames, you’ll want that perfect pair of spectacles that’ll suit your face shape, taste and lifestyle.

If you wear your glasses all day, your choice of women's optical frames can have a large impression in your appearance. Choose correctly and your glasses will accentuate your individual characteristics and work-in with your sense of style. To do this, it’s best that you understand your face shape and types of glasses that will suit you most. All About Vision have written a similiar article about the relationship between your glasses and your face shape.

Birchbox have even made a short instructional video on how to determine your face shape here.

In terms of longevity, our best advice is that you choose a good quality pair of glasses that will last you the full two years between your eye tests. Reliably made, well-designed eyeglasses for women are a good bet.


What eyeglasses are in style now?

Unlike other designer glasses frames, our eyeglasses for women are contemporary and minimal. We don’t tend to follow traditional eyewear fashion seasonality, we focus on classic shapes, made well. This aesthetic has resulted from our design approach “Designed well. Made well. Here.” Simplicity is at the core of how we operate at Banton Frameworks and our understated frames, acetates and bespoke components are intentionally unobtrusive and contemporary.


Lenses for women’s glasses frames

Depending on your preference, we offer a wide range of prescription and non-prescription lenses for ladies glasses. These are professionally fitted and coated with anti-scratch and anti-glare as standard. If you’d like a particular lens-coating or lens-tint, these can be added to your order at the right-hand side of each of our glasses frames for women.


Stylish glasses for women

As you’ve probably noticed, our range of eyeglasses for women adopts a very classic and timeless aesthetic. They’ve been designed to suit the most common face shapes; ranging from large square ladies spectacles to womens glasses for small faces.


Try Before You Buy

Deciding on the right frame can feel like a big decision. We’ve made this easier for you with our payment scheme; Try Before You Buy. By leaving a deposit of £10, you can test a few pairs of ladies glasses at home for 7 whole days before making up your mind. This way, you can discover your favourite frame or if you’d rather return them.
It’s called “the seven day payment delay.”



Eyewear Made in the UK

Shopping around, the choices available online are endless. What sets Banton Frameworks aside is that we make each pair in our Glasgow based workshop ourselves. As Scotland’s only eyewear manufacturer, we proudly make optical frames for women from start to finish, unlike other womens designer glasses brands.
Designed Well. Made Well. Here.