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    Whether you’re new to wearing varifocals or you’re a seasoned pro, the benefits of multifocal lenses are unquestionable. The advantage of progressive focal power results in a seamless lens which can singularly correct your near, intermediate and distance viewing all in one. Despite their extra cost, varifocal glasses are increasing in popularity (and technology) compared to that of bifocal or single vision lenses. This is due to their superior focal capacity which can be tailored to meet your preferred use; a superior lens for distances near or far and everything in between. What's the difference between bifocal and varifocal glasses? Find out here.


    Shopping for varifocal glasses online is a search usually met with price-driven, low-cost solutions. At Banton Frameworks, we’ve instead opted for a collection of high-quality, handmade glasses frames which have been made here in the UK. From workshop to website, this is an androgynous range of varifocal glasses, proudly made with precision and great practice.

    Varifocal Glasses Explained

    Simply put: the top and the bottom of a varifocal lens, you can visually select from a spectrum of focal power between a near and distance corrective powers. This is done by scanning up or down through the focal spectrum of the lens to quickly adjust to varying distances of focal point. If you would like to fine our more detail about varifocals and how they work check out our page here.



    The best varifocal lenses are those that have been tailored to your specific needs. Specifying how you want to use your varifocal glasses will help determine how they are optically powered. Using our advanced lens menu, we’ll ask if you’d prefer to use your varifocals as everyday glasses or as occupational glasses. An everyday varifocal lens will help you with near, intermediate and distance viewing all in one ‘super-lens’. Whereas occupational lenses feature a wider intermediate section on the lens specifically to help with computer work. The furthest distance is also slightly nearer than a conventional varifocal, tailored to see across an office.

    At Banton Frameworks, we offer all our varifocal lenses with an array of lens coatings and tint options which can be found in our lens menu. As standard, all prescription lenses have anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings and are fitted by a qualified lens technician.


    Your choice of varifocals can be orientated for specific tasks such as office work. Office lenses are a common request and are the perfect solution for use as occupational glasses. Visual correction for close reading and screen work will be abundantly helpful in the workplace, not to mention that your distance viewing will also be aided to see across the office. You can learn more about the benefits of occupational lenses via optical lens specialists Zeiss website here.

    How much do varifocal glasses cost?

    Our varifocal lenses prices start at £70.00. We only fit the best quality varifocal lenses to avoid our customers running into any varifocals problems. As it may be tempting to opt for cheap varifocals online we offer the best quality recommended for your prescription.