Spectacles Holder

A minimal spectacles holder made from recycled packaging waste or birch laminate.

Proudly manufactured in our Glasgow workshop, the self-assembly two-part design is easily constructed to make your own spectacle stand. For your work desk or for your bedside table, the spectacles holder is the perfect podium to store your glasses. Right where you left them.

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Neat freak? Yea, us too.

But hey, it’s nice to give your things a home, right?

So, besides your hard-case, where else do you store your spectacles? Whether it’s beside your bed at night or on your desk, it’d be handy to have a safe place to keep your glasses.

Which is why you’ll love our minimal spectacles holder. It’s simple, sleek and doesn’t look like a moustache… you know the ones.

Instead, this contemporary stand is the perfect little podium where you can happily leave your glasses. Right where you left them.


This glasses stand is the perfect item for that person you know who wears glasses and likes to keep their personal space neat and tidy.

For their work-desk, office, kitchen or bedside table, this is a thoughtful and contemporary storage solution which they’ll be able to use each and every day.

If you’re unsure about colour, we suggest you go for a neutral option to avoid clashing with home décor and furniture fittings.


You simply want a place to keep your glasses.

Which is why we’ve built the glasses stand from two simple parts.

A weighty 12mm base-plate and a 10mm upright. These parts simply slot together using a friction-fit which means there’s no need for tools and no need for screws.


Will the holder fit my glasses?

Almost certainly.

We’ve designed the spectacles holder to accommodate as many styles and shapes of glasses frames.

During testing, we checked it could fit really chunky acetates, right down to rimless frames. However, if you’re unhappy with the way it holds your glasses, you can always unassemble and return it for a refund.

Contact us if you’d like to make a return.

Will the holder scratch my glasses?

If you treat your glasses with love, the spectacles holder will be just like laying them on a desk or putting them in a drawer.

We’ve tumble polished both the base-plate and the upright to remove any rough edges to avoid damaging your glasses frame.

After all, the whole point is to keep them safe and organised!

Will the holder scratch my desk?


The spectacles holder comes with a sheet of self-adhesive felt which you simply apply to the base-plate of the fully assembled stand.

Just like a trophy-base, the felt is there to keep your desk surface scratch free and allows you to adjust and rotate the position of your holder so it’s always facing you.


These days? Plastics are having a tough time.

And whilst our acetate glasses frames are made from wood pulp, we wanted to do our part to reduce the impact of the spectacles holder.

Which is why we’ve sourced the base-plate material from one of the UK’s leading developers of decorative, recycled plastic panels.

It’s main component is recycled packaging, mostly consisting of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate.) The plastics have been chipped into tiny parts and fibres, then heated and compression moulded into solid block.


    The vertical part where you store your glasses is called the upright.

    To offer you various colour options to choose from, we’ve opted for various tones and transparencies of 10mm acrylic. Just like the base-plate, the upright has been precision machined then tumble polished to make it smooth and free from any rough edges.


    At our core, we’re a glasses frame manufacturer.

    But as designers, we noticed that most of the eyeglass holders out there are novelty items we weren’t too keen on.

    Which is why we’ve designed and make our own spectacles holder the way we think it should be. Simple and sleek, a glasses stand that doesn’t resemble a moustache… you know the ones.

    From start to finish, the base and upright are precision machined right here in our Glasgow workshop. The parts are tumble polished to remove any rough edges which also gives that understated satin finish.

    So yes, we make these ourselves to give you somewhere nice to keep your beloved glasses frame.

    It’s what we do here.


    The spectacles holder will arrive with you flat-pack and is very easily constructed using these instructions.

    1. Stand the upright vertically upon a sturdy table. Using the correct orientation, carefully slot the base-plate over the top of the upright and push down.
    2. Turn the holder upside down. Using your thumbs, push the upright fully into the base-plate to ensure it's properly located.
    3. Peel and align the adhesive felt to the underside of the base-plate. This pad will protect your table surface wherever you decide to use your spectacle holder.

    See assembly instructions

    DIMENSIONS (L x W x H mm)

    Fully assembled: 75 x 75 x 115 mm

    Base plate: 75 x 75 x 12 mm

    Upright: 57 x 10 x 115 mm


    Packaging is usually the biggest culprit when it comes to waste.

    So to keep things as low-impact as possible, we’ve introduced a oxo-degradable vacuum sealed pouch. This means we can post your spectacles holder completely flat-pack to reduce bulk and unnecessary costs.

    Oh yea, it can fit right through your letter box too.

    And because it’s vacuum sealed, the pouch cleverly separates the base-plate and upright from each other whilst it makes its way to you in the post. This segregation prevents them from scratching each other but reduces the overall amount of packaging in your parcel.

    The pouch itself is made from an oxo-degradable kraft paper which means it can eventually break down and compost.


    Thanks to the flat-pack design, we’re confident to ship your glasses stand via Royal Mail. This can be one of two services.


    • UK: 1-2 working days


    • UK: 2-3 working days
    • EU: 5-7 working days
    • ROW: 5-7 working days

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