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What does it mean for sunglasses to be polarized?

When you buy polarised sunglasses, you have the added benefit of glare reduction.

Regular, non-polarised lenses aren’t as efficient at dealing with glare because they don’t contain a polariser.

Polarised sunglasses means they contain a chemical film ‘sandwiched’ within the layers of their lenses. This film contains hundreds of rows of vertically aligned molecules which give these lenses their most important function.

Due to the vertical (up and down) alignment of the molecules, they act like a filter which blocks-out horizontally orientated light.

This is the polarised sunglasses meaning as they’re capable of almost completely blocking-out horizontal light, otherwise known as glare.


Male model facing blonde female model both wearing polarised sunglasses in smoky room


What are the benefits of polarized sunglasses?

You’re probably wondering; are polarised lenses worth it?

But at Banton Frameworks, we fit these superb lenses as standard at no additional cost.

In fact, as of 2019, we’ve decided to make the move and only fit polarised lenses to all of our sunglasses, simply because of their superior performance.

Fundamentally, their major benefit is to reduce glare when sunlight reflects from large shiny surfaces such as water, ice or snow.

If you happen to be nearby a loch or driving on a winter’s day, reflected sunlight is extremely focused when travelling horizontally towards you. This effect makes it painfully dazzling to see properly and can be potentially hazardous.

Thanks to the polarised lenses each of our British made sunglasses, reflected glare is almost entirely diminished.

This gives you a smooth and consistent viewing experience so you can get on with the good times, out in the sun.


Male model wearing polarised sunglasses stooping over


Are polarised sunglasses better?

Polarised sunglasses are widely considered as being better.

This is because they perform consistently regardless of the surrounding light conditions.

Compared to non-polarised lenses, their heightened functionality is what makes them popular for people who require long-term visual focus.

Because polarised sunglasses are so good at diminishing glare, sports-people regularly choose them as a better type of sunglasses lens. They help you focus for long periods of time by reducing distracting visual interruptions and reflections.

For this reason, activities such as fishing, sailing, rowing or even driving your car are very common applications for polarised sunglasses.

Thanks to their in-built chemical film, polarised sunglasses reduce the amount of light that enters your eye by about 40%.

This doesn’t make them more protective, but it does mean than your visual clarity is much better and far more consistent compared to non-polarised lenses.


Blonde female wearing tortoise polarised sunglasses black Tshirt in a smoky room


So is Polarised sunglasses better?

Depending on your lifestyle and how much you value the quality of your viewing-quality, polarised sunglasses can be a great option.

Sure, you might not go sailing every day of the week, but polarised lenses can enhance even the least adventurous activities out in the sun.

On your next trip away, reading your latest holiday-novel by the pool, browsing an outdoor café menu or meandering through the local boutiques are all within the enhancing capabilities of a polarised lens.

As we offer polarised lenses as standard, you can enjoy the double-luxury of a handmade pair of British made sunglasses with a premium sunglasses lens.

If you’re looking for something special, our polarised sunglasses are the ones for you.


Young male lying against white plinthe with his hands up wearing black Tshirt and black polarised sunglasses in smoky room


Do sunglasses need to be polarised?

They might sound imperative, but sunglasses do not have to be polarised. 

Regardless if they’re polarised or not, your sunglasses must be 99-100% UV light protective.

This is a mandatory specification in order to properly protect your eyes from the damaging light frequencies that make-up UV light.

Polarisation is an entirely secondary benefit to UV sunglasses protection. It doesn’t improve your sun-protection but they certainly improve your quality of viewing experience.

You’ll be glad to know that all of our British made sunglasses are fully UV protective. They’re professionally fitted and polarised as standard.


Male and female back to back both wearing sunglasses and black Tshirts in smoky room


Polarised sunglasses uk

At Banton Frameworks, we proudly manufacture all of our British made sunglasses within our Glasgow workshop.

In order to make you the best sunglasses, we only use the best materials.

That’s why we use Europe’s finest cellulose acetate which we precision machine into our sculpted bio-degradable frame-fronts.

Uniquely, each of our production processes happen under one roof where we rivet, heat, curve, bump, polish and assemble each pair of our polarised sunglasses.

Click here to see how we manufacture our spectacles and sunglasses.