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Are Polarized lenses worth it?

Polarised lenses are somewhat shrouded in intrigue. You aren’t alone if you’ve questioned the benefits of this type of sunglasses lens.

Men's polarised sunglasses have existed for a while now. Their technology is even older. But, arguably, they’re something of an unsung hero in the market of men’s sunglasses 2018.

As a growing trend, polarised sunglasses are undoubtedly a superior choice of lens. If you’re lucky enough to spend long periods of time out in the sun, you’re going to reap the benefits of the anti glare properties of polarized sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses are commonly associated with sporting activities thanks to their superior visual definition near snow or water. Whether you sail, cycle snowboard or ski, long-term visual focus is easier to sustain wearing polarized lenses.

Many men’s sunglasses brands emphasise the sporting benefits of polarized lenses, however, you don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to realise their benefits. Summer walks in the sun or holiday beach-life is enriched by the fuller clarity of polarized technology.

So yes, if you choose a pair of our men's polarised sunglasses, it’s a worthwhile decision if you’re looking for a high-performance sun lens that reduces glare and gives greater visual definition.


What is so special about polarized lenses?

Just like regular sun lenses, they’re capable of blocking out UV sunlight. However, unlike regular sun lenses, they can filter unpolarised sunlight.

Getting slightly technical here…

As UV sunlight enter our atmosphere, it’s travelling in a linear direction. As this light meets terr-firma, it’s either absorbed or reflected by the molecules in the air, land or water. Light that’s reflected become scattered into numerous random angles.

These randomly scattered angles of light are now pinging left right and centre. As they head towards you, regular sun lenses can’t cope with the irregularity of the polarised light. This results in lens-glare and an overall reduction in visual clarity.

However, men's polarised sunglasses have an inbuilt chemical layer. This lens-layer works a bit like venetian blinds. It blocks-out randomly angled (unpolarised) light and organises it into vertically angled light.Horizontal light that isn’t vertically aligned is filtered out which results in uninterrupted, uniform vision. Oh yea, and you don’t get any annoying glare!

This filtration is what make polarized lenses special and oh so poplar for outdoor enthusiasts akin. At first, glare doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, but over time it can affect your ability to focus, can give you eyestrain and even lead to headaches.


Are Polarized sunglasses good for driving?

Long drives mean long periods of visual focus.

On bright sunny days, sustained glare from the road, your car-bonnet and other cars can impede your ability to focus on the road ahead. If it’s a particularly sunny day, just a few hours behind the wheel can put your eyes under a lot of strain, even with regular sunglasses.

Flat surfaces such as car bonnets, tarmac and surface water can all create harsh reflections and polarized light. To mitigate the chances of glare, polarized sunglasses are a good solution for those dazzling summer drives.


Can you drive with polarized sunglasses?

Driving, by far, is our most popular requirement for polarised sunglasses.

The reduction of glare gives clearer visual definition and uninterrupted clarity. Summer or winter driving can be improved with good quality polarised sun lenses.

This is why we suggest our high-quality handmade frames as the perfect solution for driving on sunny day's whatever the time of year.

The AA has written an article about the benefits of wearing sunglasses for driving which you can read here.


British made sunglasses

As one of the UK’s few eyewear manufacturers, we suggest that you avoid the temptation for cheap polarised sunglasses UK in men's sunglasses sale adverts.

If you’re serious about the benefits of polarised sun lenses, you’ll want to invest in the best polarized sunglasses brand. Our suggestion? Opt for reliably made UK sunglasses frames with a timeless aesthetic.

At Banton Frameworks, we handmake our men's polarised sunglasses from our Glasgow workshop. Utilising the finest of materials and precision processes, our men's sunglasses are understated and robust in the equal measure.

If you’d like more information about polarized sunglasses, take a look at our handy blog article here.