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Mens glasses fashion - what frame should you buy?

Your glasses play a large role in your perception. At best, they become a part of your identity. When shopping for men’s glasses, you’ll want to find the perfect frame that’s going to suit your lifestyle, occupation and of course your face shape.


Worn for up to 16 hours a day, your choice of men’s prescription glasses have an integral role in your appearance. You’ll likely want a spectacle frame that’s going to accentuate your personal attributes and harmonise with your characteristics. It’s important to understand and define the types of spectacles that will compliment your facial features.


Based on your lifestyle, occupation and taste, you’ll already have an idea of what you’re looking for. When it comes to men’s eyeglasses, reliability, simplicity and style is at the heart of our design approach. That’s why our glasses frames are traditionally-made, using the finest materials and implementing robust production processes. If it’s stylish glasses for men you’re looking for, Banton Frameworks is the UK brand for you. These are reliable glasses frames, made by us for you.

Mens Glasses UK: Our collection

At Banton Frameworks, our optical frames for men are discreet, understated and contemporary. This is the result of our design approach, to create a collection of men’s prescription glasses that can be worn all day everyday. Opting for a restrained colour palette and minimal construction, our acetate frames are precision cut into timeless silhouettes. Since the mid-century, these classic shapes have been established over many years, directing this collection of stylish glasses for men.

Lenses for mens glasses frames

Your prescription lenses are available with an array of coatings and additional options. You will require an up to date optical prescription from your optometrist. We understand that these can be quote confusing to understand if this is you first time ordering optical frames online. So we recommend a quick read of this article from WebMD, which does a great job of explaining what all those numbers mean on your optical prescription. At Banton Frameworks, all lens orders are anti-scratch and anti-glare as standard with all our men’s eyeglasses. If you’re looking for specific coatings or filters, these can be found in our lens ordering menu and added to your lens order. This menu accompanies each product under the glasses frames for men category.

Mens eyeglasses styles

Mens glasses fashion is ever changing with the latest fads and trends. However, We’ve endeavoured to create a balanced spectrum of frame styles across our collection of men’s optical frames. As you'll notice, our spectacle models adopt a particularly classic aesthetic which has been informed by the processes and materials we so proudly use to make them.

Our concise optical collection is limited to six unique shapes.These refined frame-fronts have been designed to suit an array of men’s face shapes ranging from round to square. If you are unsure of what your face shape might be to help buy your next spectacle frame online check out the measurement guide here. Amongst this spectrum of men’s glasses frames, we’re confident you’ll find a frame that suits you.

Try Before You Buy

Choosing between frame styles can be a little tricky. To make things easier, we’ve developed our Try Before You Buy payment scheme. For a small deposit of £10, you can try a few pairs of eyeglasses at home for an entire week. This gives you the chance to find which frame suits you the most before making your decision.

We call it the seven day payment delay.

Made in the UK

Shopping for trendy glasses frames for men, there’s literally hundreds of brands to choose from. But, unlike all the other mens designer glasses frames we can bet very few of them make their frames here in the UK, not quite like us. As one of the few UK eyewear manufacturers, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and make prescription glasses from our Glasgow workshop. This is what sets us aside. Starting from sheet, leaving as spectacles, we proudly manufacture our glasses frames right here in the UK.

Designed Well. Made well. Here.