Stylish glasses for men: 7 things to look for in 2021


You have to agree, fashion is as fast as it is fickle.

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ll have seen various dress-styles waver in and out of vogue at least twice.

Observing the return of 90’s-esque attire, you’ll know what we mean…

As an item of fashion, do stylish glasses for men have the same erratic changeability?

What characteristic defines men's glasses styles 2021?




Defining men's stylish glasses

Defining stylishness is of course completely subjective.

It really depends on your opinion and sense of dress but you can’t argue with certain classic details.

For the design team at Banton Frameworks, there’s particular design attributes that are eternally fashionable.

In the list below, we’ve examined the characteristics of modern male glasses for men's designer glasses frames. We thought we’d offer our ideas about what makes them so appealing.

From their construction, lens type, their metals to the colour of acetate, scroll down to browse our interpretation of trendy glasses for men.


01: Construction


For the technically minded, the construction of your glasses is a real tell-tale of it’s quality and durability.

Speaking from experience, rivets are one of the best ways to hold a glasses frame together. Those little stainless-steel pins have been used for glasses-making since the 13th century.

In terms of style, this method of construction is the hallmark of robustness. You only have to look at a suspension bridge or the fuselage of a spitfire to know what we mean.

For that timeless look, riveted frame-fronts are a definite when it comes to men’s prescription eyeglass trends 2018.



02: Minimal



Ever heard of KISS?

(We’re not talking about the American rock band) Keep-it-simple-stupid is the best advice for most things in life.

Overly intricate glasses styles can look a little over engineered. At the beginning, all those screws, cross bars and inlays are nice little add-ons, they rarely last.

Simply putting it, there’s more to go wrong...

Worn for up to 16 hours a day, simply made robust men’s prescription glasses are a safe bet.

Between your biennial eye exams, well-made spectacles with fewer parts are going to last you longer.

For style considerations, a minimal glasses frame wont fight for attention. Understated glasses makes room for your clothes and accessories to let them breathe. Less is more.


03: Shape



The 1950’s was arguably the peak of UK-based optical manufacture. Spectacles and sunglasses were being made in mass-volume from an network of nearly a thousand UK-based factories. Watch a video here

The style of the glasses frames being made during this era were distinctly influential. Thin wire frames and cellulose frame-fronts being the most prevalent, these styles paved the way for what has become a timeless period of glasses design.

Trendy glasses frames for men consisted of thick acetates with keyhole nose bridges; an enduring glasses style which is now ubiquitous to eyeglass styles for 2018. If you’re looking for men’s prescription glasses, there’s nothing more classic than a well-designed acetate frame front. Look out for the classic key-hole bridge, it’s a winner every time.

Look out for the classic key-hole bridge, it’s a winner every time. 


04: Materials



Various materials are used in the production of glasses.

Made from metal, wood or plastic, hypoallergenic materials indicate a good quality pair of mens eyeglasses.

These substrates are certainly something to consider if your skin is particularly sensitive. You can read more about spectacle skin sensitivity on the LiveStrong website here.

Good quality materials such as stainless steel and cellulose acetate are much less likely to cause an allergic reaction and won't deteriorate over time.

Cheaper glasses frames contain lower quality metals such as zinc and nickel. Eventually, these can oxidise and go green.

Shopping for stylish glasses for men, you should look out for metal quality. Stainless steel, titanium and PVD metal coatings are going to last you a long time.

Better still, they're less likely to react with your skin. Colours such as gold, brass, bronze or silver can complement other accessories such as your watch, ring/s, cufflinks or bracelet.


05: Lens coatings & Tints

Blue spectacle frame with silver arms with colourful reflections on lenses

There’s certain fashion faux wearing socks with sandals for example.

You know you shouldn’t do it, or at least you do now. Choosing your lenses, we can only ask that you don’t use those transition ones.

For men, this has certain social connotations we daren’t mention.

Instead, you’d be wise to stick to the solid classics. For an active lifestyle, mens eyeglasses in 2018 with anti-scratch and anti-glare lens coatings are a good idea.

They make your lenses last longer and people can see your eyes easier without any obtrusive reflections.

*Hint; you can select tint colours using our lens menu for our glasses frames for men.


06: Colour & Pattern



Are you guilty of the monochrome wardrobe?

Sure, you can’t go wrong with black white or grey everything, but your glasses aren’t quite the same.

Your skin tone has a huge influence over what colour of mens eyeglasses you should consider. Sometimes, a little colour can go a long way especially if your complexion calls for it.

In a nutshell, if your skin is quite pale, opt for warmer colour and tones. Brass, bronze or rose gold will add warmth to your cold complexion.

On the other hand, if you have a particularly warm skin tone, even a sun tan, you can play around with more obscure frame colours and patterns.

For deeply coloured skin, you might want to think about lightly and brightly coloured frames such as honey or even green.


07: Pressure test



Excuse the weird terminology, but the pressure test is possibly the most definitive method of style assessment.

Remember KISS? Yea, that’s going to come in handy if you're survive the scrutiny of your friends and family with your new glasses unscathed.

Following our suggestions above, your choice of stylish glasses for men should keep you on the right lines. Ask a friend or two before you make the big decision.

Few other items of clothing or accessory define your personality as much your spectacles, so we suggest you stick to classic detailing and avoid any faddy glasses trends.

This is a good way to go when you’re investing in modern male glasses.




Other considerations



Frame fashion

We’re often asked about what glasses are in style? Or What are best eyeglass frames? Eyeglasses which are in style just now will quickly become outdated. Brands who pursue this approach are generally price driven and their quality is reflected in that price. Before buying a new pair of glasses, consider the cost and how that cost will affect this important investment.   


How do you wear glasses with style?

Being confident in your choice of spectacles is by far the best way to wear glasses with style. Uncertainty or lack of confidence will be evident if you regret your new pair of spectacles. Stick to a frame you can wear with pride, that suits you well.


Are browline glasses in style?

This format of full-rim glasses first rose to popularity in the optical boom of the 1950's. Arguably, they are the original thick-rimmed glasses style and have once again become popular amongst mens eyewear trends 2021. They're prominent browline is what gives them their name and timeless style. Our handmade frames adorn a similarly timeless aesthetic which you can explore here.


Which type of glasses suit my face?

First you need to establish your face shape. There are a number of way you can do this, either using your phone, a selfie or a mirror. Use this guide to find your face shape and the best glasses for you. 


What if I've got grey hair?

Choosing glasses for grey hair is easier than you think. Thanks to the neutrality of your hair, you've got a far broader scope for glasses frames for a 60 year old man or older. For some inspiration, head over to our article about glasses for grey hair.



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