Black glasses frames: 5 reasons you aren't boring.

Oval shaped thick rimmed glasses frame lying folded


Ever heard of Kiss?

I’m not talking about the rock band..

It’s the acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid.

And black glasses frames are exactly that.

No matter your hair colour, your skin tone or even your face shape, a straightforward pair of black framed glasses simply…just work.

Sure, they’re safe and maybe even a little predictable, but there’s several reasons why they can be the best style of frame for you.

And let’s face it, your glasses need to suit you if you’re wearing them day in and day out, right?

So here’s 5 reasons why thick black glasses are forever fashionable and why you aren’t boring if you wear them.


You should wear black framed glasses because...


James Dean wearing thick black glasses frames


1. Clearly, you've got taste.

Black glasses frames became popularised in and around the 1950’s.

This doesn't make your black glasses old. It makes them classic.

Until then, glasses were previously made using materials such as wood, ivory or bone and metal wire in order to secure the prescription lenses.

Not so stylish huh?

But as plastics became more abundant, eyewear manufacturers quickly realised their use for optical frame making.

This sparked a new trend in optical-frame production methods and indeed, thick frame glasses fashion.


Polymers cut a new and exciting path for the iconic cat eye and chunky square glasses frames; ubiquitous items of 1950's fashion.


Thanks to famous actors and musicians such as Buddy Holly or James Dean, thick glasses frames exploded in popularity during the mid-century.

Clearly, you’ve got taste for classic fashion.

Black framed glasses are as timeless as it gets.


David Attenborough standing on the shore of a beach


2. David Attenborough is proud of you.

Every piece of plastic ever made still exists

It’s a horrible fact

But wait, there is some good news.

Glasses like ours are made from a bio plastic otherwise known as acetate or zyl.


Acetate has the ability to the leave this planet, hopefully before the time you do.


Unlike synthetic polymers, acetate is made from one of Earth’s most naturally abundant polymers; cellulose.

This organic compound can be found in many types of plants and trees which is the core substance of the plastic we use to make our glasses frames.

So whilst your black frame glasses seems shiny and ‘plasticy’ you can sleep easy knowing they’re actually made from the fibre of cotton plants.




Female wearing black glasses frames and double denim in front of bright blue wall


3. You’ll never clash

Do you wear clothes?

If so, your black glasses frames are never going to clash with any garment you happen to put on.

Thanks to their neutrality, you can wear black rimmed glasses in almost any occasion. Whether it’s in your workplace attire or out on those ‘wild weekends’ away.

Are you Clark Kent or what?

Anywhere, anyhow, simple understated glasses in black are a safe winner, every, single, time.

You heard it here.


Dual tone black and crystal thick rimmed glasses frame lying folded



Young african man wearing black glasses frame and black jacket


4. You can avoid the trend-trap.

Sure, fashion trends come and go, but glasses are no different.

Which is exactly why a pair of black glasses frames can save you from the trend-trap.


Thanks to their eternal appeal, quality black glasses are never going to look unfashionable, not to mention last you longer.


At Banton Frameworks, our thick framed glasses are handmade from 8mm thick Italian acetate.

Those extra few millimetres are going to keep your glasses in shape for longer and means they can be re-glazed as your prescription changes.

Thanks to solid steel rivets and robust construction, our high-quality pair of black glasses are designed and made to last, right here in the UK.

How we manufacture


Brunette female wearing black glasses frame and beige raincoat in front of black wall


5. Get it right once. Get it right forever.

Chosen correctly, the correct shape of glasses is going to compliment your face-shape perfectly.

Which is why black framed glasses can perhaps seem a little daunting since they’re so damn bold on your face.


If you understand what glasses shape suits your facial features, your spectacles can bring your unique characteristics to the forefront.


Vintage style black acetate spectacle frame lying folded



Other considerations for wearing thick black glasses.


Jeff Goldblum looks younger with thick black spectacle frame


What glasses make you look younger?

Over the age of 50?

You’re in the right place.

Believe it or not, bold thick frame glasses are the perfect way to give yourself a more youthful appearance.

Whether they’re black or not, chunky glasses can bring definition and prominence to your face which gives the impression of vibrancy and exuberance. Not forgetting they can make you look intelligent too.

Sound good?

For inspiration, you should head over to my other article about glasses that make you look younger.


Young african man wearing black glasses frame and grey jacket


Do black rimmed glasses look good?

Black rimmed glasses seem like a safe bet.

Even a little boring.

But they’re the equivalent of black shoes, belt, trousers or dress; they’re ubiquitously classic. If you choose the correct shape of frame, you really can’t go wrong.

In order to select the right shape of glasses frame, it’s best you start by detecting your face shape. This may sound a little geometric, but it’s the simplest way to understand the right sort of style of glasses you should be aiming for.


Comedic illustration about wearing thick rimmed glasses


Do rimless glasses look better?

Honestly... no.

Not that rimless glasses are bad or anything, but they’re just so clinical and impersonable.

Plus, rimless glasses have this habit of making you look older, not to mention even more monochrome. Which isn’t ideal if you want your glasses to make you to look younger.

The best advice is to find the perfect shape of glasses in a colour or pattern of acetate that you love and wear it with vigour and pride.


Step outside your comfort zone and just go for it. Really.


Sure, you might feel like this is a really big move. And you’re right, it is. But boy can you shave the years off if you get your glasses choice right.

For some inspiration, here’s an article about glasses for grey hair.


Blonde female wearing square black glasses frame and cream jumper


What eyeglasses are in style now?

Ditch the style trends and go with the right shape of glasses for your face shape.

After everything you’ve read today, this is probably the best bit of advice you can take away from this blog article.

Whether you want a hipster glasses style or you’re trying to look younger, find the perfect shape of glasses for your face shape and get them in black.

Done correctly, it’s a safe bet for sure.


Glasses fronts hanging up on a wall


What are the best glasses brands?

Finding glasses that suit you is one thing.

Finding a glasses manufacturer in the UK is something else entirely.

Whilst there’s many eyewear brands out there, we’re willing to bet they don’t make their own glasses frames. At least… not quite like ours.

We’re not the boastful type but here at Banton Frameworks, you can buy glasses direct from the hands that made them.

Our hands.


Yep, we handmake glasses frames from Europes finest cellulose acetate and bespoke metal hardware. It’s a rare thing in this fast-track world.


So, if you’re looking for some well-made glasses, you’re in the right spot.

Thanks for stopping by.


Black circular glasses frame lying folded


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