Wimbledon sunglasses: 17 classic styles

Wimbledon sunglasses

Ahhh, the British Tennis Grand Slam.

When the sun puts its hat on for London, the Wimbledon tennis-crowd inevitably do so too.

Just one of the many fashion accessories adorned by the sea of civilised spectators eating strawberries and sipping Pimm’s.

With the tennis-world watching, the open air tournament attracts its fair share of high-profile fans including film stars, musicians and the occasional grace of royalty.

Condensed into a closely packed stadium, this amphitheatre of fame creates a melting pot of press-worthy fashion… usually from the shoulders up.

Precisely why we’ve assembled these fashionable sunglasses wearers of the SW19 crowds.


15 classic styles of Wimbledon sunglasses


Wimbledon tennis court on bright sunny day singles match


Wimbledon sunglasses: round styles

Kicking things off, is the classic round-eye sunglasses.

Round sunglasses are eternally fashionable due to their timeless aesthetics, a regular style worn by the famous spectators at Wimbledon.

This ubiquitous silhouette is a great way to inject classic sartorial style to your summer outfit this year, as worn in the following examples.


Stanley Tucci at Wimbledon wearing white suit sunglasses beside woman

Impeccably dressed, Stanley Tucci wore these rounded black sunglasses with his ivory blazer back in 2018.

For ultimate versatility, black sunglasses like these can be worn with anything.

matte black polarised sunglasses



Actor Jude Law wearing white suit and round sunglasses at Wimbledon


A suave summer look

Jude Law expertly adorns these round wire-rim sunglasses amongst the crowd.

Paired with his white suit, these sunglasses have a truly timeless aesthetic, perfect for a sartorial style.

Silver round Japanese sunglasses with dark grey polarised lenses



Keira Knightley wears classic round sunglasses at Wimbledon tennis tournament


Bring warmth with brown

Actress Kiera Knightley has been seen wearing these semi-opaque brown coloured sunglasses.

For her moderately pale complexion, this brown colour of acetate brings subtle warmth to her face.


round tortoiseshell polarised sunglasses




Meghan Markle at Wimbledon wearing stripey blue shirt and round black sunglasses


Black circle sunglasses

This list wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex wore this nautical striped shirt and all-black sunglasses during the women's singles final at Wimbledon 2018.

This geometric pairing of the large blue stripes and all-round sunglasses are a very bold but simple summer style.

Style Tip: If you have a narrow, bony face, wear round sunglasses to soften your cheekbones and jawline.

Large fit sunglasses frame made from silver wire



Benedict Cumberbatch in light grey suit, white hat and stylish sunglasses

Benedict Cumberbatch reminds us why the wayfarer sunglasses style will never go out of fashion. Regardless of your face shape, this style of frame will compliment any summer outfit.

For extra style points, why not go for colour tinted lenses?

polarised tortoise shell sunglasses




Actor Samuel L Jackson at Wimbledon wearing blue suit and sunglasses standing up in the crowd


Bright clothes, neutral frame.

Known for his age-defying fashion sense, 70-year-old Samuel L Jackson is a regular spectator at the Wimbledon Grand Slam.

Between his optical and sunglasses frames, he usually opts for a round-eye style in chunky thick acetates with partially tinted lenses.

Style Tip: Like to dress vibrantly during summer? If so, opt for a neutral or transparent sunglasses frame to make room for your colourful garments.


round clear frame polarised sunglasses


Sienna Miller wears round tortoise sunglasses amongst the crowd at Wimbledon tennis stadium


Timeless tortoise tones

Born in New York and raised in London, Sienna Miller can't resist the quintessentially-British tennis grand slam.

Seen above, she's opted for the most classic sunglasses style there is. The round tortoiseshell sunglasses frame epitomises timeless sunglasses style.

For more round sunglasses inspiration, browse our collection of handmade polarised sunglasses via the button below.


round tortoiseshell polarised sunglasses


Professional tennis player Maria Sharapova in the crowd at Wimbledon smiling wearing square black sunglasses


Wimbledon sunglasses: square styles

Maria Sharapova's performance on the grass is just as dominant as her square black shades.

Her feminine face-shape with softly dimpled cheeks is perfect for this boxy sunglasses style. The contrast between her light blonde hair and the stark black frame works well with this geometric frame.

Style Tip: If you've got a soft round face shape, you should stick to frames with sharp corners and straight edges. Square sunglasses will contrast your facial features to create balance and contrast.



Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper together in the crowd at Wimbledon wearing suits and sunglasses


Suits & sunglasses

This memorable pairing of Bradley Cooper (left) and Gerard Butler (right) provided great press during the 2013 Wimbledon men's singles final.

Memorable because of their dapper dress. Memorable because they witnessed the first British male player win the grand slam since 1936; Andy Murray.

Contrasting each other shape of sunglasses, Butler adorns a dominant black sunglasses frame in a boxy frame-shape.

Style Tip: Notice how they've both opted for neutral frame colours to avoid clashing with their suits? 

Flat top sunglasses


Catherine duchess of cambridge in the royal box at Wimbledon wearing yellow dress and sunglasses


Boxy sunglasses for the Royal Box

The Duchess of Cambridge regularly attends the Royal Box at Wimbledon.

Since joining the royal family, Kate Middleton has visited the All England Club in excess of 11 times since 2008 to watch both the men and women's title matches.

As a self-admitted fan of the sport and recently appointed patron to Wimbledon, she spectates behind these large square sunglasses.


Prince William in the Royal Box at Wimbledon wearing suit and sunglasses


It seems that Prince William and the Duchess have similar tastes in their choice of sunglasses.

He too opts for the stealthy black sunglasses style in a boxy frame shape, perfect for his round face-shape.


Victoria Beckham seated beside husband David Beckham at Wimbledon speaking with Samuel L Jackson


Fashion heavy-weights David and Victoria Beckham are keen fans of British tennis, often attending many of the week-two Wimbledon matches.

In 2014, Victoria and David were photograph seated beside Samuel L Jackson in the Royal Box.

Aptly, she wears a bold pair of square black sunglasses which suit her small feminine features. 


Jay Z at wimbledon wearing large black aviator sunglasses


Wimbledon sunglasses: aviator styles

Last but not least is the largest, most dominant sunglasses style.

The aviator sunglasses design was initiated for WWII fighter-pilots in order to give them maximum facial coverage whilst being lightweight and easy to wear.

Since then, the utilitarian nature and sheer style of aviator sunglasses have become a strong fashion favourite, worn by people for its timeless aesthetics.

Seen above rapper Jay Z wears his square black aviator sunglasses with his typically effortless style.

square black polarised aviator sunglasses



Ellen DeGeneres sitting in the Wimbledon crowd wearing large aviator sunglasses


Chat show host Ellen DeGeneres attended the Wimbledon 2016 women's final between Serena Williams vs. Angelique Kerber.

Situated in the Royal Box, she opted for a traditional silver frame aviator sunglasses frame with her patterned blouse and flecked grey suit.

A neutral ensemble which gave her a very understated but stylish look.

Large fit sunglasses frame made from silver wire


Side view of Jude Law amongst the crowd at SW19 Wimbledon tennis stadium


These thick-frame aviators worn by Jude Law are a bold sunglasses style.

They're a dominant feature on his face but provide him with a large amount of lens-coverage, perfect for bright sunny days in centre court.

For the ultimate lens-choice, you should opt for polarised lenses to reduce reflected glare.


Pippa Middleton enjoying the tennis at Wimbledon smiling directly at viewer


Columnist come fashionista, Pippa Middleton was spotted at Wimbledon in 2016 wearing these traditional aviator sunglasses.

For women, this large style of frame is a great way of creating the image of being smaller thanks to it's contrasting, dominant size.

Large square wire frame sunglasses with green polarised lenses


Bradley Cooper clapping at Wimbledon wearing blue suit and sunglasses


Round, square or aviator, hopefully, you've found some sunglasses inspiration from these Wimbledon examples.

Thanks for stopping by.