The 7 Best Hunting Sunglasses For Your Next Adventure

The 7 Best Hunting Sunglasses For Your Next Adventure
Are you ready to take your hunting adventure to the next level?

Whether you're an experienced bow hunter, rifle hunter or you're just beginning your outdoor journey, having the right gear can make all the difference.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses that fits your needs and complements both form and function is critical for a successful hunting trip. Luckily, we've crafted the ultimate guide to choosing the best hunting sunglasses for your next adventure; providing all the knowledge you need in order to find your perfect frame.

Let's dive in.


Choosing the right type of frame

With so many types of frames, lenses and styles available on the market, it can be difficult finding the right hunting sunglasses for you. To make things easy, we've made three categories for you to navigate;

  • Full rim sunglasses
  • Side shield sunglasses
  • Visor sunglasses


Man with gun over his shoulder standing beside a dog

Best Full-Rim Hunting Sunglasses

For hunting and sports, full rim sunglasses are usually made from injected polymers such as nylon. This material fully surrounds each of the two lenses making them robust, durable and surprisingly lightweight.

Full rims often use a strong frame curvature which is often referred to as the 'wraparound' style. This design makes them very close-fitting to your eyes and head which reduces any distracting sunlight getting in behind your lenses.

Hunters may choose full rim sunglasses for their durability and their versatility as these sunglasses can often look a little less 'extreme' than side shield or visor style frames. With their less sporty look and wide variety of lens types, full rim frames are a great option for any hunter who's looking for a great all-around set of shades.

Check out our top picks in the list below.


Three quarter view of large tortoise Aviator sunglasses frame

Bollé  Prime Sunglasses 

Bollé has long been renowned for superior optics for water, snow and outdoor activities. For hunting, the Bollé Prime Sunglasses provide fantastic frame quality and impeccable colour perception. Let's take a closer look at the details of this Aviator inspired frame.

The first thing you'll notice about the Prime is its relatively low base curvature. Compared to other sports sunglasses, it's much flatter across the front which usually poses the issue of 'light leak' from the edges of the frame. But thanks to its large 60mm lens coverage, the Prime has got you well-covered with very little light getting in behind the lenses. This is ideal for keeping eye strain to a minimum, letting you focus on the hunt.

A super nice touch are the rubberised nose pieces and temple arms. Applied to the nose pads and temple tips, these grippy contact points help keep the frame in place, no matter how aggressive your hunting pursuits may get. Whether you're sweating, hiking, scrambling or navigating dense scrubland, these shades really do stay put.

Made from super light weight TR90 nylon, this tortoise frame is available in shiny black or matte black colour variants. For comfort, you'll love the flexible nylon temples which accommodate a wide array of head sizes. They also work well with an array of hats, whether worn underneath or over the top. For their dominant size, these hunting sunglasses are perfectly lightweight and aren't cumbersome in any way.

The lenses in the Bollé Prime are polarised. In this tortoise edition, the lenses are tinted green which keeps glare to a minimum for buttery smooth vision in varying sunlight. Other polarised lens colours include brown and grey (depending which model you choose) which provide comparable performance. Near water or on bright winter days where there's snow/ice on the ground, the polarised lenses will block reflected glare.

Our thoughts: Perfect for hunting, the Bollé Prime is a large but versatile sunglasses frame with a less sporty look. Fitted with quality polarised lenses, the Prime has a stylish, lightweight Aviator design which looks great both on and off the hunt. Despite it's size, the frame folds down fairly small for travel, and fits comfortably for everyday use. If you're looking for a great all-rounder in a large fit, the Bollé Prime are the sunglasses for you.


  • Fit: L
  • Polarised: Yes
  • Material: TR90 Nylon
  • Lens Width: 60mm
  • Bridge Size: 19mm
  • Temple Length: 140mm
  • Frame Colour: Matte tortoise
  • Frame Type: Full rim
  • Frame Shape: Aviator


Three quarter view of brown tortoise shell sports glasses with wire metal leash

Oakley Split shot

Revered as one of the best fishing and boating sports sunglasses, the Oakley Split Shot also makes a great sunglasses frame for hunting. These versatile shades have great utility features such as an in-built leash, incredible peripheral coverage, and hat compatibility, making them perfect for year-round hunts in the wild. Here's why we love this frame...

Designed to demolish glare, the Split Shot has a stealthy-looking frame with a strong base curvature. The close-fitting wraparound frame front prevents sunlight from leaking in - either from the sides or above. Whilst hunting, this prevents distracting glare from bouncing off the inside of the lens into the eyes. Observing the sides of the frame, the Split Shot features enlarged extra tall temples for further enhanced coverage at the edges. Notably, the team at Oakley have extended the lens widths so the Split Shot has exceptional peripheral vision and facial coverage.

For extra security, these shades come equipped with an integrated 20-inch leash system made of lightweight yet highly flexible coated woven steel, allowing for a reliable and secure fit that won't easily slip off. This leash is elegantly connected to the temple tips, allowing you to easily attach and remove them with ease. No more worrying about your sunglasses slipping off or getting lost out in the wild.

Incredibly comfortable, the Split Shot features Oakley's coveted three-point fit system which evenly distributes weight behind the ears and on the nose to eliminate pressure points. The lightweight O Matter frame (nylon) is also highly durable and wont be affected by sweat or rain, making it perfect for active hunting trips.

Polarised lenses enhance contrast in a variety of environments and help to reduce eye fatigue over long days out hunting. Fitted with Oakley's signature Prizm lenses, these brown tinted polarised lenses offer impeccable glare reduction and ocular clarity. For hunting on high-exposure days, these lenses will keep your eyes fresh and strain-free.

Our thoughts

The Oakley Split Shot Hunting Sunglasses offer an unparalleled level of protection for those who spend long periods of time in the outdoors, especially for those who're hunting near water or snow. With its sleek design and medium to large fit, these shades are a sporty solution for hunters who seek maximum coverage and performance. Also available in black.

  • Fit: M/L
  • Polarised: Yes
  • Material: O Matter (Nylon)
  • Lens Width: 64mm
  • Bridge Size: 17mm
  • Temple Length: 132mm
  • Frame Colour: Matte Translucent Blue
  • Frame Type: Full Rim
  • Frame Shape: Rectangle


Side view of two men dressed in camouflage in dense woodland

Best Side Shield Hunting Sunglasses 

Easily the most iconic style of mountaineering sunglasses, side shield frames use a characteristic membrane that shrouds each of the lenses. Made from leather, rubber or even metal, these shields help block UV light, dust and debris from entering your eyes - even in the harshest of environments.

Since the 1920's, side shields have been a staple sunglasses design that's still being produced today by some of the optical industry's biggest brand names. And for good reason; they keep your eyes protected from the sun and keep out the airborne nasties.

Hunters can benefit from side shield sunglasses thanks to their sleek skeletal design. With thin metal frames, they're lightweight and can be easily adjusted for comfort. Compared to full rim or visor sunglasses, side shields are a unique category of frame that can be worn for hunting elk, for hiking, climbing or any kind of alpine excursion.

Check out our favourites in the list below.


Three quarter view of thick black sports sunglasses with grey tinted lenses

Spy+ Rebar Side Shield Sunglasses

The Spy Rebar Wraparound sunglasses are the perfect choice for your next hunting adventure. These robust full rim sunglasses provide superior protection, comfort, and visual clarity. Here's why we love these solid shades...

Built to last, the Spy Rebar is a wraparound style frame with a solid construction. Made from a practically bombproof nylon material called Grilamid, the frame is meaty, solid and ideal for arduous hunting pursuits. Any drops, knocks or impacts are easily handled by this solid sunglasses frame.

Integrated side shields is one of the most prominent features of the Rebar, offering excellent facial coverage and minimal light-leak. At the edges, where the temples meet the frames, the Rebar has enlarged surfaces to block any lateral light from getting behind your lenses. As these shields are in-built, they help stiffen the frame for a construction you can rely on. Any knocks, drop or impacts are absorbed through the Grilamid chassis whilst you get on with your hunt.

Rubberised contact points help keep these sunglasses firmly in place. The design team at Spy have cleverly integrated these grippy rubber pads where the frame makes contact with your skin. On the nose pads, these rubber patches effortlessly grip your nose to eliminate any slippage as you hike, run or duck your way through terrain. Whether its raining or you're getting sweaty, hunters can benefit from this excellent detail for added security.

The polarised lenses on the Spy Rebar offer 100 percent UV protection. ARC® (Accurate Radius Curvature) polycarbonate lenses follow the contours of your eyes, providing crystal-clear vision without any distortion or eye strain. As seen above, the smoke grey lenses are a discreet option for stalking as they easily blend-in to your surroundings. During long hunts, these lenses alleviate the effects of visual strain by eliminating any reflected glare from the ground, foliage or low sun.

Our thoughts

The Spy Rebar is a robust sunglasses frame with integrated side shields. With its modern sporty look, enlarged temple arms and polarised lenses, this frame is perfect for hunters who demand durability and maximum protection for high exposure days in strong sunlight.

  • Fit: Large
  • Polarised: Yes
  • Material: Grilamid (nylon)
  • Lens Width: 62mm
  • Bridge Size: 16mm
  • Temple Length: 130mm
  • Frame Colour: Matte Black
  • Frame Type: Full Rim & Side Shield
  • Frame Shape: Rectangular


Oakley Batwolf™ Side Shield Sunglasses

Made by optical titans at Oakley, their Batwolf™ Sunglasses are the perfect choice if you're looking for side shield sunglasses with a wide field of view. Available in various colour variants, we've selected the matte black edition with grey polarised lenses. Here's why;

The frame features a unique one-piece lens design and three-point fit structure that keeps optics in precise alignment for maximum peripheral vision and side protection. With in-built side shields, the Batwolf™ has enlarged temples where they connect to the O Matter (nylon) frame. These help block lateral or reflected sunlight from leaking in behind the polarised lenses for minimum visual disruption. Additionally, these sunglasses come with interchangeable Oakley icons so you can vary the look of the glasses in seconds.

The single polarised lens is a winning option for hunters who seek maximum performance. Unlike the visor style hunting glasses (listed below) the Batwolf™ is still a full rim frame design. With no intersecting components or frame, the uni-lens design offers free uninterrupted vision. By reducing reflected glare, it provides smooth and consistent vision in strong sunlight which prevents visual fatigue. Whether you're using a bow, crossbow or rifle, these sunglasses provide superior protection with its Plutonite HDO™ lens, blocking out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.

Our thoughts

The Oakley Batwolf™ sunglasses frames provide an excellent choice for any hunting enthusiast looking to take their stalking game to the next level. Offering superior protection, these sunglasses feature a unique one-piece Plutonite lens design and three-point fit structure for maximum peripheral vision protection. Hunting has never been easier or more enjoyable than with the Oakley Batwolf™.

  • Fit: M/L
  • Polarised: Yes
  • Material: O Matter (nylon)
  • Lens Width: 127mm
  • Bridge Size: NA
  • Temple Length: 130mm
  • Frame Colour: Matte Black
  • Frame Type: Full rim, side shield, visor
  • Frame Shape: Rectangular


Close view of man firing a rifle in woodland wearing hat and thick jumper

Best Visor Hunting Sunglasses 

Visor lens sunglasses feature a singular, large curved lens that covers the entire width of the face providing excellent protection from the sun's harsh rays.

This large coverage far exceeds regular sunglasses, allowing hunters to keep their eye on their target with little chance of sun glare affecting your focus. Visor sunglasses are available with a variety of lens tints, making them suitable for various light conditions and hunting environments.

Hunters benefit from visor sunglasses due to their extra-large lens size, which significantly increases coverage compared to regular sunglasses. The wide angle view produced by visor sunglasses helps to block out any harsh overhead or upward glares from nearby terrain, thus reducing glare and making it easier to focus on taking the all-important shot.

Furthermore, different lens tints can be used depending on what type of activity you're engaging in - such as polarisation for increased clarity near open water or regular tinted lenses for enhanced colour perception in dense forests. Additionally, some visors feature an interchangeable magnetic lens system, allowing them to quickly adjust to varying light conditions while still providing ample protection from harmful UV rays.

Overall, visor lens sunglasses provide essential eye protection while out hunting and other outdoor activities. With its large coverage area and variety of tint options, these glasses can be tailored to different activities and weather conditions - giving you a clear view of your target without unwanted glare obstructing your vision. Check out our top picks in the list below.


Oakley Radar EV Path

For the avid hunter (or any sportsperson), Oakley's EV Path sunglasses frame is a must-have. With its lightweight O Matter frame and impact-resistant Plutonite lenses with contrast-enhancing Prizm technology, these versatile sports frames are designed to provide superior protection and clarity while out in the wild.

The unisex design suits a medium to large adult fit, making them perfect for stalking game on your next hunting adventure. And they come complete with accessories like a Sport Soft Vault case, microfibre bag and alternative fit nosepads - so you can be prepared for whatever nature throws at you.

Incredibly lightweight, the O Matter nylon frame is 25% lighter than traditional acetate and offers twice the strength too. For hunters, this material offers reliable stiffness and wont become brittle in the cold regardless of temperature.

Grippy earsocks and nosepads are coated in Oakley's signature unobtanium material - which offers an incredibly secure fit regardless of sweat, rain or dust. Out in the woods or on the hill, these rubberised contact points offer tremendous grip and reduce any slippage as your navigate your terrain.

The PRIZM lens live up to the promise of boosting contrast, colour, and detail which is vital for detecting your fowl or game in dense brush or bush. The slightly bigger size provides good peripheral vision and also lessens glare as well as keeps eyes safe from damaging UV rays. Along the top, the visor lens has four small vents to assist in air circulation.

EV (extended vision) allows even greater upward and downward peripheral vision and is engineered to take your performance to the next level. Whether you’re bird watching, stalking game or just enjoying a day outdoors - the Oakley Radar EV Path has got you covered.

  • Fit: M/L
  • Polarised: Yes
  • Material: O Matter (nylon)
  • Lens Width: 38mm
  • Bridge Size: NA
  • Temple Length: 128mm
  • Frame Colour: Carbon black
  • Frame Type: Visor Rimless
  • Frame Shape: Uni lens



Three quarter view of large black visor sunglasses frame

Oakley Encoder

Designed to be the ultimate sporting sunglasses, the Oakley Encoder provides superior coverage and an enhanced field of vision while keeping you safe from the elements. With a progressive wrap design, this visor style frame has been specially designed with a wide field of view in mind.

One big polarised lens offers incredible peripheral vision. The Encoder features an enormous single grey tinted lens with extended wrap which reaches beyond the outer limits of your vision for optimum vision whilst hunting. Whether you're stalking birds or tracking down game, the Encoder gives optimum field of view. Prizm lens technology eliminates nearly all glare, leaving you with uninterrupted vision with enhanced colour and contrast perception.

If you wear a hat during hunts, the Encoder wont pinch your head. Originally designed for cycling, the O-Matter™ temples have a low profile for compatibility with hats and helmets, while Unobtainium® earsocks and nosepads provide incredible grip ensuring day long comfort. These optimised contact points offer exceptional grip, no matter the weather or how sweaty you get. Out hunting, these sunglasses are sure to stay in place, no matter what.

Our thoughts

The Oakley Encoder is an excellent choice for the avid hunter. With its extended wrap design and Prizm lens technology, it provides superior coverage and clarity while out in the wild. So if you're looking for Hunting sunglasses to take on your next adventure, then look no further than Oakley's Encoder frame - they'll provide optimal protection and performance without compromising on style.

  • Fit: M/L
  • Polarised: Yes
  • Material: O Matter (nylon)
  • Lens Width: 136mm
  • Bridge Size: NA
  • Temple Length: 123mm
  • Frame Colour: Matte Black
  • Frame Type: Visor Rimless
  • Frame Shape: Uni lens


Three quarter view of Smith Ruckus sports sunglasses frame

Smith Ruckus

Originally designed for mountain biking, the Smith Ruckus sunglasses also make a great choice for any hunter looking to stay comfortable and protected whilst on their next adventure. With it's semi rimless design and large lens coverage, check out why we've chosen this visor style sunglasses frame as one of our top picks.

Lightweight yet flexible, the Smith Ruckus uses a lightweight TR90 frame. This hardy nylon material is more robust than traditional acetate and isn't as easily affected by low temperatures. Hunters will benefit from its sleek design and large lens coverage which offers an excellent field of view in all directions.

This particular sunglasses model is fitted with Smith's Photochromic lenses which react to sunlight depending on the conditions. Fully UV protective, they automatically darken when exposed to bright sunlight. This makes them highly adaptable when you're out hunting in variable light conditions, especially on windy days with intermittent cloud cover.

For ultimate control, Smith's PivLock lens change system gives you the opportunity to interchange the lenses with ease. Whether it's bright or low light conditions, you can simply adapt these sunglasses depending on the time of day.

Non slip temples and nose pads are made with 'Megol' for non-slip grip. This means the frame stays put regardless of any facial perspiration or if you get caught in the rain. For mountain bikers or hunters, this is ideal for ensuring these sunglasses stay right in place. The dual-position nose pads to give proper fit and assist in minimising any annoying fogging.

A really cool feature on the Smith Ruckus sunglasses are the AutoLock hinges which hold the frame open for easy one-hand on/off. This makes them ideal if you've only got one hand free whilst carrying your bow or rifle. Smith really have thought about every little detail on these exceptional sports shades. Whether you're stalking prey or just enjoying the outdoors, these hunting sunglasses will give you the safety and comfort you need!

Our thoughts

Hunting sunglasses don’t have to be bulky and uncomfortable. The Smith Ruckus frame offers a lightweight yet flexible design that is comfortable for all-day wear. Our favourite aspects are the interchangeable lenses and non-slip temples and nose pads for enhanced safety in the outdoors. With its semi rimless design and large lens coverage, the Smith Ruckus Hunting Sunglasses are an excellent choice when you're out stalking prey - they provide ultimate control with their PivLock technology so you can adapt your vision depending on light conditions while staying protected from harmful UV rays.

  • Fit: M/L
  • Polarised: Yes
  • Material: TR90 nylon
  • Lens Width:
  • Bridge Size:
  • Temple Length:
  • Frame Colour:
  • Frame Type: Visor Semi Rimless
  • Frame Shape: Uni lens



Hunting Sunglasses FAQs

Two men outside on bright sunny day wearing hunting clothes

Are Polarised sunglasses good for hunting?

Polarised lenses are ideal for hunting because they help diminish glare being reflected from flat shiny surfaces such as water, wet ground, snow or ice. Over the course of a long sunny day, they alleviate eye strain by reducing taxing reflections which would otherwise put strain on your eyes and interfere with your visual focus. Ultimately, polarised lenses help boost visual clarity and offer proper colour perception.

Related: What are polarised sunglasses?


What colour lens is best for hunting?

For bright sunny days, brown grey or green polarised lenses are best for hunting. These lenses colours help diminish glare from bright sunlight. For medium light on overcast days, orange or vermilion tinted lenes are highly recommended colours to aid visual contrast. For very low-light environments like dusk or near dawn, lightly tinted yellow lenses offers superb contrast.

For a guide to sunglasses tint colours, check out this handy blog post.


Why do hunters wear yellow glasses?

In certain light conditions, blue light can interfere with a shooter's vision by limiting definition and clarity. Yellow tinted lenses help visually 'sharpen' objects by filtering out this blue light making a target easier to see. Yellow tinted lenses are generally a very light tint, usually category 2, and are best suited to low-light or artificial lighting scenarios such as an indoor gun range. Yellow tinted shooting glasses are considered more of an optical enhancement than for use as sunglasses.


What are the best hunting glasses?

The best hunting glasses will depend on your own individual needs and preferences. Hunting sunglasses should have quality lenses that offer 99-100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, as well as offering good colour contrast to aid in finding your target. They should also fit comfortably with non-slip temples or nose pads for secure wear.

Hunting sunglasses need to be lightweight yet durable, with lens options that can be interchanged. Ultimately, you'll want a pair of hunting glasses that can handle all the elements - from extreme heat to heavy rain and icy winds - whilst still providing exceptional clarity and visual acuity.

Hopefully you found this article useful.

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