Standard Vision Reactions Lenses (SPH: +/- 0.25-3.75 or CYL +/-2.00)

What lenses do I need?

What "Reactions" are:

"Reactions" are lenses that darken automatically when exposed to sunlight, then fade back when you return indoors. In most cases, reactions lenses are clear (or nearly clear) indoors and darken to a medium sun tint outdoors.

Please note: price shown is for a pair of lenses

Our Standard Vision Reactions lenses cover a wide selection of prescription variations.
You have a SPH within +/-0.25-3.75 
If you have a valid in the CYL section this must be within +/-2.00 


Our Lens fitting Service - How it works

Prescription lenses for glasses online

I've bought a frame on it's own without lenses. But now I'd like you to glaze it for me.

This isn't a problem for us at all, add a lens package to your basket and we'll send you a mailing bag, prescription form with all the necessary postage to send your frame off to our lens lab for glazing.

How do I know if I have the right SPH for standard lenses?

Your SPH will be between + or - 0.25 to + or - 3.75
Example of a Prescription that would fit under a "Standard Lenses" package:Prescription lenses for glasses online If your SPH falls between the strengths shaded in blue above on our prescription strength chart you are covered by our "Standard Lens" package. If you require a stronger SPH we highly recommend lens thinning (High Index Lenses) with can be ordered here

I have a value under CYL in my prescription, does this affect my Standard Lenses?

Not everyone will have a value under the CYL section of the prescription form. But if you do this means you have astigmatism, the value simply tells us the severity of that astigmatism. In order to meet with the requirements of "Standard Lenses" we state that your CYL must be within + or - 2.00Prescription for glasses onlineThis is shown in blue on the prescription strength chart above, indicating the strength values which can be included under Standard lenses. If you require a stronger CYL than 2.00 we highly recommend lens thinning (High Index Lenses) with can be ordered here

Lenses FAQs and Understanding your prescription

Need help understanding your prescription? Find out what SPH, CYL and Axis all mean here. For answers to the most frequently asked questions click here. If you are still stuck, drop us an email and we'll get back in touch as soon as possible.

Lenses Terms and Conditions

We provide a glazing service, we will fit lenses according to the prescription provided. We don't take responsibility for the accuracy of the prescription provided, however, if there is something unusual we will get in touch to double check.
The glazing service provides you with all the necessary postage labels and protective packaging. If your frame is not packaged as recommended we are unable to offer you a refund if the frame is damage during postage.
Our lenses once glazed are non-refundable, we offer a try-on period without lenses to ensure the glasses suit. Once sent for glazing please ensure that you are happy with the frame, as lenses are completely unique to you and can't be refunded. But any issues can be discussed with our team via email:

I don't have my prescription, what should I do?

This isn't a problem, you can still add the lens package to your order. And once you've visited your Optometrist and have your prescription you can post your glasses to us for glazing. Our glazing package doesn't expire!
Your optician will provide you with a free NHS eye test every 2 years, you are under no obligation to purchase frames from your optician,

I don't live in the UK, can you fit lenses in my glasses?

We can, however, we can't provide the try-on period where the glasses are sent to you with out lenses and you send them to our lens lab. But we can send you the frame on it own for glazing by your optician. Or we can pre-glaze before shipping overseas. There are additional costs for shipping outside the UK. Get in touch about overseas orders:



What lenses do I need?