Glasses Remake

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Got a pair of sunglasses or specs that suit you down to the ground? Fit perfectly but they just don’t make ‘em anymore? Is it looking a bit old and tired? Or just fancy the same style in a different colour?

This is the one for you.

  • Full acetate designs only

  • Existing frame design supplied for copying

  • Degree of customisation/tweaking available (slight adjustments in measurements if required)

  • Varifocals/single vision + all coatings incl. *subject to prescription, can be reviewed prior to purchase

  • Bespoke engraving

How we will remake your eyewear

Step 1: Review existing eyewear deisgn

Share your vision & describe what you'd like us to make.

Show us your existing frame. Images and measurements.

We make a 2D drawing of the shape and style of the frame.

We show you the drawing for approval.

 Total time: 1-2wks
Sketching a custom glasses frame

Step 2: Development

We discuss and develop your design to make sure you're happy.

Measurements are taken to create perfect fit.

Any adjustments are made and reviewed.

Material choice is discussed and decided.

Total time: 1-2wks

Prototyping a custom glasses frame

Step 3: Making and lens fitting

We begin making your frame.

We send it to you for approval before fitting your lenses.

You return it for lens fitting & bespoke engraving.

Frame completion & postage.

Total time: 3-4wks

Making a custom glasses frame