Full Bespoke Eyewear

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Designed completely from scratch, just for you. Taking your measurements and ideas and turning them into your perfect frame.

  • Full acetate designs only
  • Measurements taken to create perfect fit.
  • Work remotely with us to create virtual mock-ups
  • Prototypes made for approval (posted 2d cut-outs to test dimensional fit)
  • Varifocals/single vision + all coatings incl. *subject to prescription, can be reviewed prior to purchase
  • Bespoke engraving

How we will make your custom eyewear

Step 1: Idea generation

Share your vision & describe what you'd like us to make.

Show us your inspiration; images, drawing or existing frame.

We make a 2D drawing of the shape and style of the frame.

We show you the drawing for approval.

If you are unsure of a design we are happy to work with your to develop something totally unique.

 Total time: 1-2wks
Sketching a custom glasses frame

Step 2: Development

We discuss and develop your design to make sure you're happy.

Measurements are taken to create perfect fit.

Prototypes are made for your approval (posted 2d cut-outs to test dimensional fit.)

Any adjustments are made and reviewed.

Material choice is discussed and decided.

Total time: 1-2wks

Prototyping a custom glasses frame

Step 3: Making and lens fitting

We begin making your frame.

We send it to you for approval before fitting your lenses.

You return it for lens fitting & bespoke engraving.

Frame completion & postage.

Total time: 3-4wks

Making a custom glasses frame