Truth is, we had to break the rules.

What if we told you that after we had graduated, we decided to break into our old University studio to learn the things we were never taught? That is exactly how Banton Frameworks began.   For my final year University project, I had been learning to design and make glasses frames. I had managed to make working prototypes and my obsession had only just begun. As graduation loomed, it marked a happy ending for many of my classes mates. Their studies were over; their final happy chapter. Not for me.   This ceremony meant my access to the University equipment had finished. After years of being a student, I was only beginning to learn about the thing I had become truly obsessed with. The studio doors had locked shut and the only equipment I could make glasses with was behind them. My options had ran out. In desperation, with nowhere to turn, I asked my classmate Jamie for his help. We had to break the rules.


Lucy Ross


Jamie Bartlett