Rebranding to Farh

Rebranding to Farh


The mission remains the same.

Making you the best eyewear we can from the best materials using precision processes and human skill.

But after 8 years, we’ve decided to change our brand name.

Like getting a tattoo, buying a new house or marriage, this was a huge decision for us. One we haven’t rushed.

From 2021 onward we will trade as Farh.


Large black logo titled Farh


What Farh will do for you

You’ll have better frames than ever before.

This progression brings you a whole new optical collection in different materials, colourways, sizes and styles.

You’ll have an immense lens choice, ranging across 12 international suppliers, some of which are recognised as the leading ophthalmic lens manufacturers in the world.

You’ll have improved components and custom hardware in your frames. Durable parts entirely unique to us and built to last for you.

You’ll experience new packaging, designed with the planet in mind. Opening your new glasses will be utterly exciting, without the guilt of discarding of the box afterwards.

You'll experience a new website with improved interface and feel.

Your glasses will still be made here in our workshop. (That’s never changing.)

But you’ll also have choice from frames made by other factories too. 

And who said they don’t like change?

These time’s they are a changin’


Spectacle frame being traditionally riveted by green machine


Why are we rebranding to Farh?


To clarify our message and to make things clearer, easier and better for you as we progress as Scotland’s only eyewear manufacturer.

Farh is a progression of everything we’ve learned from Banton Frameworks. It’s the next chapter of frame making which we’re thrilled to share with you next year.

Robust, enduring, stylish and personable.

How your frames should be.


Where did the name Farh come from?

Durability. Dedication. Distance. Direction.

Principles that got us here. Principles that continue to drive us forward.

Farh is a short name, easy to read and even nods to aspect of vision. You already spotted that though right?

Over the years, we’ve caught the attention of those who value their glasses, how they’re made and who made them. From customers like you who want locally made glasses, to large companies wanting to collaborate.

Farh will continue on this path.


Woman and man standing outside workshop wearing aprons


Who will run Farh?

New name. Same people.

Lucy and I will remain as co-founders, so if drop us a line, you already know who you’re talking with. We’re staying right here.

As for new team members, we shall see.


When are we changing to Farh?

We intended to launch Farh this Autumn. But like everyone’s plan for 2020, the pandemic has delayed this change.

For context, we’ve been waiting 8 months for our largest machinery investment we’ve made to date. It’s been a long wait, but these new processes will inform our newly refined collections of spectacles and sunglasses.

In January 2021 we’ll transition to Farh.

Can’t wait to show you.


If you have any questions about our big news, feel free to reach out and say hellow.

Thanks for stopping by.