Orders & Returns


How do I order a frame from you?

Search through our many combinations to find a frame you like on our website. We also have a handy style guide which will help your choose a frame to suit your face shape. All you then do is add it to you basket and select which lenses you would like - if you require any and we'll take it from there.

How do I know my frame will fit/suit?

Unfortunately as you are buying online you can't be 100% sure your frame will suit. However, we do offer a full refund or swap for another frame if you aren't 100% happy with the frame. We do recommend that you use the measurements of the frames provided on the product description pages as a guide to gauge the size of the new frame compared to your existing glasses. We also have made a style guide to help you choose a style to suit your face shape.

What happens once I place an order online?

As each customer's order is completely unique with our Tailor Collection, we collect the components in the workshop to complete your frame. This is then packaged up and sent direct to you (Free of charge). You then have a 14day trial period to try the frame on, and if you are happy go ahead and complete the prescription form and send it off for glazing.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We are a very small team in our workshop hand making our collections ourselves. Your frame will be made to order by our team, therefore this will take a bit longer. However, we do endeavour have your frame to you within 7-10working days max.

How much will it cost to ship my frame?

Nothing, shipping is completely free. So is the shipping to get your frame glazed and any possible returns are all free of charge.


What if my frame doesn't suit?

Don't worry you get to try on the frame before committing to it being glazed, so if it doesn't suit just send it back for free.

What if I've had my frame glazed and then feel it doesn't suit?

Unfortunately lenses are non-refundable as they are completely bespoke to you. However, the frame is refundable if you aren't happy with the design. You will be provided with the frame with no lenses first to try it on and once you are 100% happy you send it off for glazing.

Will you charge me for returns?

Nope, we charge nothing, we cover the returns postage as well. If your frame doesn't suit email us at: info@bantonframeworks.co.uk and we'll email you the returns postage.

Where do I send my return to?

All you have to do is send it back to our workshop:
Banton Frameworks
Banton Loch House
G65 0PY

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