How to Adjust your Glasses Frame to fit

What is the perfect fit for temples?

Our temples are designed so that they can be easily adjusted. This illustration shows how the temples should look when wearing your frame.Perfect fit for glasses frames

My temples are too short and don't make it round my ears

Loosen the radius of the curvature of your temple tip by applying light pressure.Temples are too short

My temples are too long and my frame slips down my nose

Tighten the radius of curvature by applying pressure to pull the temple tip closer to your ear.Temples too long

I've adjusted my temples but my frame still feels a bit loose

Your temples can also be pulled in tighter towards your head, this will prevent them from slipping. If this is too tight however, it may be uncomfortable, so experiment to find the right fit for you.Tighten loose glasses frames

The nose bridge on my frame doesn't fit my nose

Our frames are all fitted with adjustable nose pads. These can be pulled in tighter to fit a slim nose or pushed gently outwards to suit a wider nose.Adjustable nose pads glasses frames