Queries about Lenses

How do I find out my prescription?
You are legally entitled to receive a copy of your prescription from your Optician. This can be obtained after your 2 yearly visit for a check up. Most Opticians will also provide you with a copy if you have lost yours.
What prescriptions can you cater for?
We class our "Standard Lenses" as any prescription with a Sph (Sphere) up to +/- 3.75. Or a Cyl (Cylinder) up to +/- 2.00. With prescriptions stronger than that we recommend going for "High Index" Lenses, which involves thinning of the lenses to get a better fit in your frames.
For more details on the types of lenses we offer and the costs involved click here.
How do I understand my Prescription?
We have created an in-depth description and information page on all aspects of prescriptions and how to provide the information we need. To find out more click here.
What if I give the wrong information by mistake?
Our Glazing technician has years of experience, if there's is something odd about your prescription he'll get in touch.
Do you fit lenses which correct Prisms?
We can certainly do that. It can be added to your basket when purchasing your frame by selecting Lenses with "Prism". The information can be completed on our prescription forms which are supplied with our frames.
Prism Lenses Cost: £75.00
How do I give you my prescription?
When you purchase a glasses frame from us we'll send it to you first for try on with no lenses. Once you are completely happy with your frame you can complete the prescription form included in the box. You then post your glasses frame (free of charge) to our glazing technician. He'll glaze your frame using the prescription details you provided and send them back to you (again free of charge).
What Kinds of Lenses do you offer? Tints/PrescriptionSunglasses/Transitions/BiFocals/Varifocals
Details of all the lenses we offer and all their costs click here.
What Coatings do you provide on your lenses?
We offer Anti-Glare (MAR) and Anti Scratch Hard coating (HC) on all of our lenses free of charge. This is optional if you would prefer uncoated lenses, but there is no extra cost involved. All you have to do is add it to your basket when ordering your frames.
How should I clean my lenses?
We provide a Banton Frameworks microfibre pouch with your glasses frame, this can be used to clean off any smudges etc from your lenses. All of our lenses are coated with Anti Scratch Hardness coating, however, this does not make them completely scratch proof. We advise against using rougher tissue based materials to clean your lenses as this can lead to scratching. We do provide alcohol based lens cleaner to maintain perfect clear vision through your lenses.
What kind of Sun lenses do you fit in your Sunglasses?
We fit Polaroid Polarised Sun lenses in our non-prescription sunglasses frames as standard. For prescription sun lenses, we provide tinted versions of your normal prescription. The same recommendations as clear prescription lenses apply, in regards to High Index etc.

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