Creating something different

We make our frames here in our own workshop in the UK. Thats quite rare, didn’t you know? 

But why does that matter? 

You find eyewear on offer all a bit samey. Confusing? Some expensive, some incredibly cheap, all claiming to be different and of high quality. The truth is they’re all the same frames, the same styles, from the same factories - somewhere else. 

Here’s the thing - our frames aren’t samey.

We built our own manufacturing methods to produce the finest eyewear for you. Eyewear unlike those found from the traditional factories of Europe or Asia. Our eyewear is subtly distinctive, not attention grabbing, but it catches your eye. 

You could call us unique.

Here’s another thing: the UK eyewear industry once produced over five million spectacle frames a year from an industry of a thousand factories. Now, only a handful remain. You can help change this. 

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