Two types of hard case to keep your frame safe.

Choose from our large fold-flat case or our small hinge-design to keep your glasses safe from scratches, scuffs or being squashed. Externally coated in matt black polyurethane, each case is internally lined with a soft microfiber interior and ships with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

More details about the cases?
Why should I buy a case?

Ok, glasses usually come with a hard case.

But it’s good to take care of your things, right?

Especially when they help you see better.

Which is why you should invest in a safe place to keep your glasses when you aren’t wearing them. It can help your frame last longer and keep any of those dreaded lens-scratched at bay.

Because scratched lenses = new lenses.


Which case should I get?

This depends on two things.

  • The size of your frame
  • If carry your case with you

For big glasses frames we suggest you go for the larger fold-flat case. It holds the chunkiest of glasses and can fold flat to save space in your bag.

For small glasses frames the hinged version is slightly less spacious but gives a cosier fit. Your frame won’t rattle around inside but it can’t fold flat to save you room.

For dimensions, click below.


What sizes are they?

Fold-flat case

  • Interior size: L158 x W50 x H45 (mm)
  • Exterior size: L165 x W62 x H52 (mm)
  • Folded size: L165 x W152 x H10 (mm)


Hinge case

  • Interior size: L145 x W42 x H30 (mm)
  • Exterior size: L155 x W55 x H35 (mm)

*L = length x W = width x H = height


Which case is stronger?

One of our customers drove his car over his hinge-case.

His sunglasses came out unscathed.

His case? Not so much.

Of the two, the hinge-case is a stronger design as it’s made of a two-part metal shell. The fold flat case is still strong but not quite as robust.

Regardless, please don’t drive over your frame cases.


The case comes with a cloth?


Your glasses always deserve a nice clean. What better way to do it than with a proper microfiber cleaning cloth?

You can thank us later.

How to clean your glasses properly


Vegan friendly

Both of these frame cases are 100% vegan friendly.

No cow skin in sight.


Shipping costs & times

All frame cases will be sent tracked via Royal Mail using one of two services.



UK: £4.95 | 1-2 working days



UK: Free | 2-3 working days

EU: Free | 5-7 working days

ROW: Free | 5-7 working days


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