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    Whether you’re new to bifocals or you’ve worn them for a long time, a dual corrective lens can be the perfect solution for your new spectacle frame. With two segments for near and far vision, bifocal lenses cleverly remove the requirement for two pairs of glasses. This is very cost efficient and also prevents you from carrying and rotating between two separate glasses frames. If you’d like to know more about bifocal glasses lenses, click here to access our information page.

    With the aid of bifocal glasses, you have the equivalent of two single vision glasses frames in one, very efficient spectacle frame. At Banton Frameworks, we offer our collection of handmade men’s and women’s bifocal glasses online; the result of our meticulous endeavour to manufacture right here in the UK.


    Bifocal - Denoting a lens having two parts each with a different focal length, one for distant vision and one for near vision.Oxford Dictionary

    Benjamin Franklin in generally credited with the invention of Bifocal Lens. Further reading of the history and information regarding the Bifocal can be found here.

    At Banton Frameworks, all of our bifocal lenses are professionally fitted by a qualified lens technician. These are offered with anti-scratch and anti-glare lens coatings as standard. If you’d like additional lens coatings or even lens tints, you can add these to your order using the lens-menu at the right-hand side of each bifocal frame product.

    For Try Before You Buy purchases, your lenses will be fitted after you’ve tried your frame out at home. Once you’re happy, you simply send your frame to our lens fitting department using our lens-fitting form. Your bifocal lenses will be fitted to your frame which will then be posted back to you.

    Depending on your prescription, bifocal lens fitting can take between 5 - 10 days to fully process. For more information, head to our lens FAQ’s here.


    On your daily commute or weekend excursion, our collection of men’s bifocals are reliably made and minimally designed. Via the images above, you may have recognised the restrained aesthetics and understated characteristics of each of our frame models. This contemporary collection of men's bifocal glasses represent our interpretation of how bifocal glasses should be; reliable, refined and timeless.


    Our androgynous spectacle frames are designed to suit an array of face shapes and skin tones. For women, buying bifocal glasses online entails negotiating a price driven, throwaway market. With so many low-cost options and imported frame, we opted to offer a collection of high-quality frames that have been designed and made here in the UK.

    Designed well. Made well. Here.