Lens fitting by Lensology

For UK prescription lens fitting, we’ve partnered with Lensology. Save money. Get your spectacle lenses fitted with ease. Request a freepost label today.

Anti glare glasses explained

Anti glare glasses helps to increase light transmission, reduce glare and gives people a better view of your eyes. Read the benefits of this worthy lens coating.

Do I need high index lenses?

A helpful guide so you can decide if you should get high index lenses. Using your prescription, let’s see which lens thickness is best for you.

New lenses, same frame

Update your lenses but keep your current frame. We’ll happily fit your new prescription in any of our handmade glasses. Here's how.

Spherical vs aspherical lenses

Strong prescription? A guide spherical vs aspherical lenses for flatter, lighter, sleeker looking lenses. Ideal for reducing lens-bulk.

Are eye tests free?

Depending on where you live and your personal circumstances, your test can be free of charge. Discover if your eligible...

PD Ruler: Free download

Missing your pupillary distance from your prescription information? No worries. Here's a free PD ruler you can use to easily measure it yourself.

What happens in eye tests?

A reassuring explanation of what to expect during your eye test. Read about each stage of the process in this helpful article.

What is Astigmatism?

Read about the symptoms and causes of astigmatism and the ways of which it can be corrected.

Eyewear Icons

Audrey Hepburn: an eyewear icon

Audrey Hepburn steps out of a New York taxi in her oversized sunglasses and little black dress; an eyewear icon was born. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” 1961.

Andy Warhol: an eyewear icon

Discover the marvellous mind and spectacular glasses style of America’s most prominent pop-art genius, Andy Warhol. An eyewear icon and ambassador of clear glasses frames.

Jackie O: an eyewear icon

Tribute to Jackie O’s eternally stylish glasses. A handmade sunglasses frame, cut from premium tortoise acetate, homage to America’s most stylish 1st lady.

James Dean: an eyewear icon

Tribute to James Dean's eternally stylish glasses. A handmade spectacle frame, cut from premium tortoise acetate, homage to one of Hollywood's most iconic glasses wearers.

Le Corbusier: an eyewear icon

Examine the career, ideologies and spectacular glasses style of the architectural icon; Le Corbusier, an eyewear icon. The originator of the round architect glasses style.

David Hockney: an eyewear icon

Explore the work, inspiration and spectacular glasses style of one of Britain’s most prominent artists of the 20th century; David Hockney.

John Lennon: an eyewear icon

Discover the spectacular glasses style of Beatles singer song writer, John Lennon. A true eyewear icon and ambassador of round wire spectacles.

Philip Johnson: an eyewear icon

A tribute to the spectacular glasses style of the architectural legend; Philip Johnson, an eyewear icon. An ambassador of the round architect glasses style.


Glasses for heart shaped faces

For men & women, this is the ultimate optical guide for heart shaped faces. Follow these helpful tips and suggestions to find the perfect spectacles to flatter your facial attributes.

Glasses for square faces

Boxy face? It can be hard to know which glasses will look best on you with so many styles and shapes to choose from. This article explains how to pick the...

Glasses for a diamond face shape

Find the perfect glasses for your diamond face shape. Celebrate your defined cheekbones, jawline and chine in some high-quality handmade frames.

How are glasses made?

As Scotland's only eyewear manufacturer, we wanted to show you how glasses frames are made. Here's a step by step guide to how we make our frames.

We the spectacle makers

Yes, really. We make spectacle frames. A rare skill to have, especially when other “spectacle makers” are better at making social-noise than making glasses frames. Because the reality is, there’s...

Glasses for triangular faces

Flatter your triangular face with the right choice of glasses. Follow this helpful guide to find which glasses frame suits you best.

Glasses for an oval face shape

A handy guide to choosing the right pair of glasses if you have an oval face. Check out these suggestions to find your perfect spectacle style.

Best glasses for long faces

A guide to choosing glasses for long faces. The perfect article if you struggle finding the perfect spectacle frame for you oblong face. 

What glasses suit me?

The ultimate guide on how to choose the perfect glasses frame to suit your face shape, hair colour and skin tone.

Glasses for bald men

No hair? No problem. Choosing glasses for bald men just got easier thanks to these 4 easy steps. Follow this handy guide to find the perfect glasses.

Acetate explained

What the heck is cellulose acetate? Click to discover this fantastic bio-plastic, how & where it's made and why we use it to make our glasses.

Our promise

Our customer service declaration intended to inform & reassure your decision when investing in a pair of Banton Frameworks spectacles or sunglasses frames.

Look timeless in tortoiseshell

The backstory of how tortoiseshell got its name, it’s eternal popularity and how it became the most iconic glasses pattern of all time.

Best glasses for a big nose

Find flattering glasses to bring balance to your face. The ultimate 8 step guide to finding a frame that fits and helps make your nose look smaller.

What are the parts of glasses called?

What are the parts of a glasses frame actually called? In this detailed article, you can learn to locate and name the basic and the detailed components of a spectacle frame.

Blog posts

How to clean your glasses

Avoid long-term lens damage and clean your glasses properly. Here's two simple ways to keep your lenses crystal clear and scratch free.

How to measure your ocular height

Ordering varifocals online? Learn to measure your OC height to maximise accuracy, perfectly align your pupils and get the most from your progressive lenses.