by Jamie Bartlett


Brown paper bags.

Beige or green packaging.

You might own a cotton tote bag, perhaps?

All sustainable notions, but what about your glasses? Are they made sustainably?

By definition, sustainability consists of three integral pillars. Social, economic and environmental. We thought we'd address these pillars individually to keep things simple, just like our frames. We'd also like to point out that these pillars spell out the word SEE. Convenient...




You might have noticed but at Banton Frameworks, we're pretty single minded. Apart from designing and manufacturing the best eyewear we possibly can, we don't think about much else. We aren't going to kid ourselves to make a whole bunch of different products. You won't find any bi-fold wallets or T shirts here thank you. Instead, we have a single focus for a single product that we believe is going to change our industry.

By building our factory, we seek to create opportunities that previously never existed. We seek to impart and hone skills to a local workforce creating a locally made product. As one of very few UK eyewear manufacturers, we offer our frames to the 15 million people who buy a new pair of glasses each year in the UK.

That's where you come in.




When someone asks us what differentiates us from other UK eyewear brands, the answer is pretty straightforward. We export our eyewear, we don't import it.

There are roughly 35 million adult spectacle wearers in the UK. Following the recommended NHS 'eye examination' cycle of two years, an estimated 15 million adults buy a new pair of glasses each year. If one in three of these people bought a pair of UK made spectacles, our industry could reattain its previous output of 5 million spectacle frames a year.

Economically speaking, we are creating a product of value here in our own country. We are manufacturing an essential, everyday item for the growing UK optical market.

It's time to get busy.






We don't make sweets, but sometimes our workshop smells of wingums.

In our workshop, your frame fronts are made from a recyclable bio polymer called acetate. Read about acetate and where we source ours. Made from the natural compounds of cotton plants, we precision machine this biodegradable plastic from sheet form. The heat incurred from cutting it releases it's natural scents; often similar to winegums. Pleasant on the nose, pleasant on the planet, this natural material is far more sustainable than other, less friendly plastics.

During production, we remove approximately 85% of the overall material to sculpt and contour your frame front. It sounds wasteful, but we'd rather be carrying out that machining here in our workshop than having them machined and imported from overseas. Did we already mention acetate is biodegradable?






The Reality

Whilst you've been reading this, more frames have just been imported to our shores from Europe or Asia. Having been shipped for many miles, this is how other many other UK eyewear brands source their frames. Whilst this might work for them, we believe we are making something far more special, far more unique.

For this to work, we need two things. That irreplaceable thing called hard work and your belief for quality.

As always, we endeavour to make the best eyewear we possibly can, for you. With your belief for quality, we can continue to produce the best eyewear we can, sustainably.


Be a Black Sheep, Story Book by Banton Frameworks


"Building a factory in a digital era".


Discover why we broke into our old University to learn the things we were never taught. Unearth why we're changing an industry. Know our purpose. Meet our enemy. Be a Black Sheep.


Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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