by Jamie Bartlett


Packaging your handmade sunglasses or spectacles correctly is an important task.

It has to be exciting, tactile, show consideration and of course, stow your newly purchased frame in a neat and tidy order. Taking all these elements into account, we developed a bespoke carton as our way of presenting and packaging our handmade spectacles and sunglasses frames.



Why use a carton?

What are the benefits of the carton?

Why use a rubber band?



Image of Banton Frameworks packaging carton.



In packaging design, cartons have a wide range or purposes.

Used as a shroud to wrap around the item within, they usually act as a protective outer skin. This modest solution lent itself perfectly to our minimal approach for our packaging. With such humble simplicity, this was the perfect solution for covering our spectacle hard-cases.

In our usual understated aesthetic, our bespoke cartons are constructed from die cut, high gsm paper from a specialist mill in the North East of Scotland. Inside and out, our text and abbreviated BFW logo are foiled in a matt silver finish.

We’ve adopted the humble carton and raised it to a new level.


Image of unfolded Banton Frameworks packaging carton.



Our packaging cartons offer a number of benefits.

In terms of material usage, they are very efficient. Die cut and creased from flat sheet, they can be shipped to us flat. This means they use less space in transit and are less likely to be damaged or crushed. (Pre-made boxes can be easily bashed or crushed during shipping before they are even used as packaging).

Our cartons are easily folded which makes packing your new handmade spectacles or sunglasses quick and easy. This isn’t just for our benefit here at Banton Frameworks; it means you can make a return easier too.


Image of black rubber bands.



Like a best friend, our bespoke rubber band helps hold things together.

If you look closely, our cartons have small notches cut out from the edges. These help the band locate into position. Their elasticity envelopes the carton’s exterior to effectively seal the case within.

Besides holding our carton shut, the rubber band eradicates the need for any adhesives. This is better for the environment and means we can re-use our cartons if they are returned back to us. This re-usability also caters for our stockists and optical partners; they too can pass-on the same packaging experience to their customers. Reciprocity at it’s finest.

Whilst our rubber bands offer a tactile unboxing experience, they have an abundance of secondary functions. We made a guide on how to use your rubber band after un-packaging your new frame.



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Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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