by Jamie Bartlett

It was inevitable.

We both knew it as we sat there making our first batch of handmade frames.

We were attending our first trade show during design week in London, 2012. We didn't have any stock and it was our first attempt at selling our first ever frames. It was our first of many failures.

A sobering but insightful entry to this blog ; a glimpse of how Banton Frameworks actually began (see our book). In a sense, it describes how we started and how we continued learning to manufacture eyewear. Observing Henry Ford's quote, it's a nice summary; a 'labyrinth approach' to success. After a few wrong turns, you kept trying until you get to the centre of the maze and then that's it. We had learned how to rivet a five barrel hinge to an acetate frame front.

But that's just too simple. If we were binary beings with no emotion, this process would have been far less painful and certainly less terrifying. Despite the cuts and blisters on our hands, the pain of our failures were far worse, never mind costly. After the numerous dead ends learning to make our UK made glasses frames, it all became immediatey apparent. Our failures and mistakes summounted to far more than the successes. When we did eventually learned to rivet our hinges properly, we knew about all the other ways not to. 

In 2015, we were getting to grips with polishing our acetate frame fronts using a new barelling machine. We were ready to go, all the polishing media and compound. We threw it all in there with 100 frame fronts. We destroyed the whole batch. We had literallly put all of our eggs in a rotationally spinning, octagonal basket. An omelette would have left a better taste than the mangled heap of frames inside. We had to make them all over again, from scratch.

A small but painful recollection, we're actually quite thankful for our failures. Since we started Banton Frameworks, we've gone to the edges of what is possible and indeed our sanity, so far.

From our failures, we've honed our skills and processes as a small eyewear manufacturers. Our frames are certainly better off for it and for that we are thankful.


"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again,

this time more intelligently." 

Henry Ford




Be a Black Sheep, Story Book by Banton Frameworks


"Building a factory in a digital era".


Discover why we broke into our old University to learn the things we were never taught. Unearth why we're changing an industry. Know our purpose. Meet our enemy. Be a Black Sheep.


Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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