by Jamie Bartlett


Something we often hear when our customers describe their eyesight is how bad they think it is.


At first we would think, how strong their prescription could possibly be? Can their lenses be fitted in our frames? Cartoon-esque images of thick "milk bottle" lenses often spring to mind.


Perhaps these people think they have worse eyesight than they actually do? Perhaps they are convinced to believe they have a really strong prescription when really, they don’t? Even worse, perhaps they think astigmatism is contagious and a good distance should be maintained in fear of transmitting it to innocent bystanders. We can tell you that almost everyone has a degree of astigmatism and no it cannot be transmitted.

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So what's astigmatism then?



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Very simply, this is when a person has an uneven curvature in their cornea or in the lens of their eye. This means their eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than say a football. This condition is very common and is usually more predominant in one eye than the other.

For those with astigmatism, you’ll notice a section on your prescription that quantifies your required corrective cylinder or CYL. This is the angle of which a cylindrical shape is built into your lenses to correct your “rugby ball” eyes.

As by NHS recommendations, if you are attending your biennial eye exam (every two years) you're in safe hands. Changes to your prescription, eye conditions and even early detection of diabetes or high blood pressure can be assessed.





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Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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