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Want to save £100 on your eyewear?

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    What items will be discounted?

    • Archive frames: save up to £100
    • Press samples: save up to £50
    • Current frames: save up to £15



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    Does Black Friday last all weekend?

    By signing up, you'll receive early access to our sale on the evening of Thursday the 26th of November. On the run up, you'll also receive previews of what will be available during this promotion.

    Black Friday 2020 begins on Friday the 27th November and will continue over the weekend until Cyber Monday; November 30th.

    At Banton Frameworks, our weekend sale will close at 11pm on Cyber Monday. After this time, all discounts, codes and promotions will cease.


    Where will the sale happen?

    The sale will be hosted solely on our website. On the days prior to November 27th, you’ll receive pre-sale notification emails explaining what you can expect in terms of timing, discounts and details.


    How do I redeem any discounts?

    Discounts will be applied to our spectacles, sunglasses and accessories across our website at varying percentages. The price you see per item is the price you’ll pay, in addition to any shipping costs depending on your location.


    Why are you doing a Black Friday sale?

    To reduce waste by selling spectacles and sunglasses frames which have been used for photoshoots, press samples, have been returned or have been discontinued. Instead of them going to waste due to minor blemishes, we’d rather they were given a loving home.


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    Can I return items bought during Black Friday?

    Yep. Spectacles or sunglasses bought on Black Friday can be returned for a refund. However, you will be expected to return the item yourself using a recorded postage service. Prescription optical or sun lenses are non-refundable as they are bespoke to you.


    When will you ship Black Friday items?

    As soon as they’re ordered. The majority of spectacles and sunglasses have already been made and will be ready for immediate shipment from Cyber Monday; November 30th onwards.


    Is Black Friday good or bad?

    For retailers and online stores, Black Friday can be a divisive topic. For some, it can be used a method to discount used or sample stock which would otherwise go unsold or go to waste. Other companies prefer to offer their sales at other times of the year and avoid Black Friday completely.

    At Banton Frameworks, the percentage of discount will vary depending on the condition and age of the spectacles or sunglasses being sold.

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    Large group of children rushing into shop in 1951


    Where did Black Friday come from?

    Various theories have been suggested, but the original, retail-related term was coined in America during the 1950’s.

    The religious and secular holiday known as Thanksgiving is annually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year.

    Sources suggest that the day after Thanksgiving  marked the beginning of the holiday season in America and Canada, thus commencing the Christmas spending spree.

    One of the first instances of Black Friday was first recorded in the November of 1951 when police in Philadelphia witnessed widespread panic buying incentivized by local shops and markets.

    Reportedly, the road traffic and pavement congestion wreaked havoc with local law enforcement and steadily became known as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Black Saturday’ amongst local officers and shoppers.

    This annual tradition of discounting to kick-start the holiday season continued in America for many years before spreading to other, predominantly westernised countries. Today, it’s estimated that 129 countries now participate in Black Friday on the last weekend of November each year.


    Want to save £100 on your eyewear?

    Beat the crowds.

    Register for early access to Black Friday.

      Unsubscribe at anytime.


      Jamie Bartlett
      Jamie Bartlett

      Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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