You know what they say right?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

As much as you love your new glasses frame, your'e going to have to spend a little time apart from each other. It's time for getting your prescription lenses fitted.

Here's a quick guide so you can send you frame for lens fitting like a pro.


Step 1 - Your Prescription
Using your prescription from your last eye test, fill out our prescription form.

Click here for some help to understand the prescription form.
Click here if you have lost or damaged your prescription form. (Printable PDF)

Step 2 - Re-Packing
Using your new hard-case, re-pack your frame inside including your prescription form.
Save the planet and re-use the brown wrap mailer it arrived in.
Alternatively, package your frame using a suitable alternative and some common sense.

Step 3 - Postage
Using the free-post label included with your order, send your frame to our glazing department.
Take your frame to your nearest Post Office and ask for a proof of postage receipt.
Email us if you have lost your free-post label via :


Banton Frameworks
Glazing Department
Banton Loch House
G65 0PY

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