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Easy ways to keep your glasses clean.


It a no-brainer.

Keeping your glasses clean is pretty important.

Most of us can be guilty of the "shirt rub" when your lenses gets a bit cloudy. A quick wipe with your shirt can be a great fix, but over time these shortcuts can lead to long term lens damage.

To keep things simple, we've got two routines to clean your glasses properly.


Content:   30 second method   |   5 minute method   |   Things to avoid



How to clean your glasses in 30 seconds

Correct Sequence to Clean your glasses.


With ech of our handmade spectacles and sunglasses frames, we provide a bespoke cleaning cloth. In this particular order, use your cloth to wipe all the surfaces of your frame.

Temples / Lenses / Nosebridges

Natural oils from your nose can be transferred to your lenses so always clean your nose bridges last.

After a while, it's a good idea to wash your cleaning cloth. If you are cleaning your glasses regularly, throw your cleaning cloth into the wash now and then. This way you aren't using a dirty cloth to clean your glasses. Who knew?



How to clean your glasses in 5 minutes


The Five Minute Glasses Cleaning Method


As often as you have a bath, you should give your handmade glasses a proper clean using your kitchen sink. Using lukewarm water, add a few drops of regular washing up liquid and dunk your frame straight in there. Make sure the water isn't too hot as it can damage any lens coatings and even warp that premium Italian acetate.

For the compulsive cleaners out there, you can get into your hinge areas using a toothbrush for extra cleaning points. Avoid scrubbing your lenses if you are going to take it this far.





Clean your glasses at least once a week.
Use your BFW bespoke cleaning cloth.
Consider using alcohol spray to help things along.


Use your clothing to clean your lenses
Use hot water in the 05:00 method.
Clean your frame using abrasives.







Things to avoid when cleaning your glasses.


Whether you are a full timer or a part timer, your glasses can easily become dirty when exposed to certain environments.

At the end of the day, it's a good idea to store your frame on a clean, dust free table.

Better still, you can always use your bespoke hard-case as a way to keep the dust and scratches at bay.

For those who use hairspray, avoid wearing your glasses when you are applying this in morning when you are getting ready.

Hairspray residue allows dust and fibres to stick to your lenses and can make your acetate sticky and dull.

Avoid taking your frame into the bathroom where steam and smudges happen.

A rookie way to dirty your frame is keeping it by the sink when your'e doing your thing.


Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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