by Jamie Bartlett

For those who clean shave, you might well be interested in the Angle Razor.

Designed by London Based design studio Morrama, the Angle Razor is contemporary shaving solution, re-imagined for the 21st century. 

Homage to humble cut-throat, the studio wanted to modernise the ceremony of traditional straight-blade shaving. Intended for the domestic user, the Angle Razor brings the barbershop experience to the comfort of your own bathroom.

The reusable handle is machined from aluminium and available in two colourways; natural and anodised black. With refined ergonomics, the identifiable angled blade-head is designed to be more more versatile than older shaving systems. Furthermore, the double-edged blades (10p ) are easily replaced via a magnetic clip-in system. See images below.

Admittedly, straight-razor shaving isn't exactly an everyday skill. However, with a little practice, the studio promise it's rewards. Not only is this technique better for your skin but the Angle Razor poses environmental benefits compared to that of disposable cartridge razors.

The Angle Razor was recently launched via Kickstarter. Whilst it isn't available to purchase just yet, it will be later this year via the Morrama website. To discover more, head over to the studio's webpage using the link at the foot of this article.





“At Morrama we are always questioning and looking to improve existing products. Looking at straight razors and shavettes that are currently on the market we realised that too often user experience was really poorly considered.

Whilst historically the straight razor has always been a tool for professionals, there has been a rising number of people looking to re-create the traditional barbering ritual of straight razor shaving at home. Current disposable blade straight razors are complicated to use, loading and disposing the blade is difficult and the handle just gets in the way when trying to shave in the mirror.

If we were going to address these problems, we had an opportunity to update the design at the same time. At Morrama we believe that less is more and so we set about stripping the design back whilst maintaining our goal for an improved user experience. The result is a unique design that in essence is little more than a blade and a handle. After all what more do you really need to shave with?

We acknowledge that wet shaving with a straight razor is not a simple skill, but it's a rewarding skill that is proven to give the closest shave and is better for your skin than using a cartridge razor. If we can encourage a few more people to switch from environmentally unfriendly cartridges to a 300 year old shaving method in the form of our modern Angle Razor design then that's good enough for us.” 

Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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