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British wax jackets


Congruous to the brands we readily feature in our blog articles, Peregrine Clothing is no exception when it comes to our fascination with UK-based manufacturers.

Located in the Montpelier central trading estate, Peregrine is a Bristolian clothing brand who produce fine knitwear, waxed cotton outerwear and garment accessories.

As far back as it stretches, Peregrine’s history is an interwoven one. Established in 1956 as a secondary strand to J G Clover and Co, Peregrine is the trading brand of the long-standing Manchester clothing manufacturer.





J G Clover: their production prowess stretches back more than 200 years. The Manchester manufacturer has been making fine garments since the 1800’s.



 Image of panel templates inside Peregrine Clothing factory Manchester


Image of thread bobbins inside Peregrine Clothing factory Manchester



Image of workers inside Peregrine Clothing factory Manchester


Despite such historical expanse, Peregrine’s manufacture and design approach is certainly contemporary. Positioned as modern-classic, their men’s and women’s collections pivot around their ethos for “functionality, adaptability and a play on tradition.”

Surpassing seasonal constraint, their garments are intended as wardrobe staples to be worn at any time of the year.

It’s this adaptability that allows their waxed cotton coats and merino wool knitwear to seamlessly transition from season to season, city to further afield.


Peregrine Clothing blue bomber jacket


Peregrine Clothing mens navy bomber jacket


He wears: Men's Navy Quilted Bomber Jacket by Peregrine Clothing  | Men's Benson Sweatshirt in lt grey by Peregrine clothing  |  Men's Profile - GHO Sunglasses by Banton Frameworks


At Banton Frameworks, we are hugely inspired by the brands who choose to production methods here in the UK.

As a manufacturer ourselves, we readily pay homage to the people and processes behind the doors of clothing companies such as Peregrine.

Parallel to their modernity and minimal design approach, our handmade sunglasses frames were a perfect pairing for the release of Peregrine’s autumn-winter collections.

In their recent photo shoot, we happily supplied two of our unisex Profile sunglasses frames which are worn by the male and female models in the images above and below.


Womens Carlyle waxed cotton jacket by Peregrine Clothing


Carlyle women's waxed cotton jacket by Peregrine Clothing


Women's waxed cotton jacket by peregrine Clothing 


She wears: Women's Carlyle, waxed cotton jacket in lt-grey by Peregrine Clothing  |  Women's Profile - TRT sunglasses frame by Banton Frameworks



“Peregrine adapt traditional knitwear by experimenting with new weights and shapes whilst still being inspired by a quintessentially British look.”



Autumn leaves


Heading into autumn 2018, we’re reminded of crisp mornings as the leaves start to turn and the sun is that little lower in the sky. Whilst it may be a colder start to your day, Peregrine’s merino wool knitwear is a great way to avoid getting too hot as the day becomes warmer.

Seen in the images above, the British autumn weather can be a challenging month to contend with. Thermally efficient clothing made here in the UK is a wise suggestion and what better example than those made by Peregrine.


If you’d like to learn more about the Bristolian clothing brand, we suggest you pay a visit to their website using the link at the foot of this article.

There, you can explore their Manchester made accessories and outerwear across their men’s and women’s categories.


Our thanks go to Morgan for including our sunglasses in their photoshoots.

The perfect pairing between to UK made brands.



Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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