When it comes to repairing things, we’ve all brought out the superglue or even some duct tape at some point.

Sure it lasts a while, but inevitably, that broken-whatever is all too easily just thrown away. It’s a real shame; our throw-away culture has quite literally disposed of the “make mend and do” attitude of generations prior.

But what if mending and repair was more attainable, more fun?

FixIts™ is the world's first compostable, hand-mouldable plastic stick that softens in 60C water and can be used to solve an infinite number of challenges around the home or in creative projects.

Taking full advantage of it’s thermoplastic properties, FixIts™ are completely re-usable. These lollipop looking sticks can be put in a pencil case or desk tidy thus empowering and encouraging users to try DIY fixing and creative projects.


In the battle against over spending or messy alternatives, FixIts™ are an economical solution to the common issues of domestic damages. With a reported 8 million metric tons of plastic being thrown into the ocean each year, it’s easy to see why solutions such as these are an engaging attempt at prolonging our possessions.

Seen in the images below, FixIts™ can be applied in numerous methods. From repairing charging cables to bicycle helmets, these charming little sticks amusingly refer to the nostalgia of 1970’s plastic products.

These little sticks are currently being crowdfunded (ends July ’18) via Kickstarter. Head over to the page where you can back the project. Alternatively, you wait until they inevitably hit the shelves… everywhere.

FixIts™ Kickstarter campaign










"We need to come at the sustainability issue from a new angle.

It's no longer going to be about using guilt as an emotion to drive consumers to think twice about their carbon footprint, it's about making recycling fun, desirable and driving an approach that means you want to do good rather than the traditional approach of thinking that you should do good."













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