Lens fitting by Lensology

For prescription lens fitting, we’ve partnered with Lensology.

Britain’s leading glazing and re-glazing ophthalmic lens service based in Watford UK.

For you, this lets us focus on making our high-quality spectacles and sunglasses whilst Lensology deal with your prescription.

We make your frame.

They fit your lenses.


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Lensology (previously known as Reglaze My Glasses) are Britain’s leading glazing and re-glazing ophthalmic lens service.

Based in Watford, their specialist lab of optometrists and technicians handle all kinds of spectacle and sunglasses lenses which they accurately and safely fit your new or old frames.


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How does it work?

Optician’s may not want to fit lenses to frames bought elsewhere.

Instead, Lensology offer a remote service away from the high street, offering competitive lens prices in a simple three step process.


1. Home try on

Decide if your new Banton Frameworks glasses are for you. Home try on lets you decide if you want a refund or to proceed with prescription lens fitting.


 2. Get a freepost label

On the Lensology website, request a freepost label to apply to your Banton Frameworks mailing box. Postage is prepaid and there’s no obligation.


 3. Send your frame

Via a Post Box, send your frame to Lensology. They’ll email a quote based on your requirements. Once you’re happy, sit back and relax whilst they fit your lenses with speed and care before returning them via their secure courier service.



Lensology company logo

Why use Lensology?

With Lensology’s remote lens fitting service, you can save up to 70% on high street prices. You get you lab direct prices, without sacrificing the service or quality you expect when purchasing a pair of Banton Frameworks glasses.

Lensology also offer a 30-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind.



Illustration of calculator

Lensology prices

For the most accurate lens quotation, use the Lensology price calculator on their website. Hit the button below to calculate the price of your prescription lenses.




Can I have prescription lenses put in my own frames?

Lensology fit prescription lenses to any kind of spectacles or sunglasses. Whether your frame was made by Banton Frameworks or another eyewear brand, they accept all types of frames.


What does Reglazing glasses mean?

Reglazing glasses means replacing your old prescription lenses with new ones. If you’re prescription’s changed or you’ve damaged your lenses, reglazing lets you keep your frame without having to purchase a new one.

High-quality frames like ours can easily last longer than your current prescription. Reglazing them is a great way to keep your Banton Frameworks glasses in action.

It’s good for the planet too.


Can I just buy lenses for my frames?

You can just buy lenses for your frame via a reglazing company like Lensology. They specialise in glazing or reglazing frames, whether they’re new or old.


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